DIY {Christmas} Gift Bows

So, the other day I saw the really cute idea to make gift bows out of magazines trending on Pinterest.  Well, after one bow in this manner, I pretty much lost my patience... plus my bow was kind of ugly.   So, I went ahead and put more 'typical' bows on all my gifts, and I'm not gonna lie--I think they turned out pretty darned cute.

Check it:

I just cut mine free-hand, but if you're not as lazy as me you can follow a template so your bows are perfectly even

1. Cut out the top shape from paper (ideally paper colored/printed on both sides, but not necessary).
2. Cut the a long skinny rectangle out of matching paper.
3. Bring the outer edges of the shape that looks like two eyes to the center and secure with a piece of tape.
4. Wrap the skinny rectangle around the center and secure with tape on the back.

If that's not clear I can upload step-by-step pictures :) Just let me know.

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