Lace Sleeve Blouse & Hello Monday Linkup

Lace-trim wide-sleeve blouse [exact under $40]  //  Paperbag waist pants [exact on mega sale]  //  Vince crossbody bag [similar]  //  Hinge wedges [similar]  //  $12 sunnies [exact]

Happy Monday! Last week I was out hunting for a top to pair with a certain Milly skirt and I struggled.  I checked all my usual spots at the mall to no avail, but I did snag this super cute top at H&M.  It definitely doesn't match the skirt though 💁

When I was thinking about what to pair this top with, I immediately thought of my high-waisted bottoms, since it's a bit cropped.  Earlier this week I wore it with some high-waisted cropped straight leg jeans and loved it.  Then Rachelle reminded me I own these paperbag waist khakis- and since the blue stripes have a subtle khaki outline- the combo seemed perfect. 

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Adulting + Hello Monday Linkup

My office is not dressy- rather it is admittedly excessively casual- think shorts and flip flops in the summer.  That being said, you will never find me in shorts at the office (not counting my last job...).  More often than not, I stick to jeans and sweaters in the winter, and casual skirts and dresses in the summer.  Occasionally, I do dress up a little more though- when I'm leading meetings, vendors are on-site, or I have appointments with business people rather than IT folks.

Because nobody in IT at my job really dresses up, my outfit formula for 'polished adult' is a blazer, dark was jeans, and a classic shoe (typically either these slip-ons or my fav loafers).  From there I pick either a button down or a classic t-shirt and throw on a few accessories.  
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Oops Shoes

So funny story... 

A couple weeks ago, I could not fall asleep.  I went to bed pretty early, and just sat there unable to turn my mind off or relax.  By about 3am I was still lying awake, totally over it.  I don't recall exactly when I was able to fall asleep, but sometime during that hazy almost asleep period, I impulse bought myself these sandals, and the husband a pair of jeans.

I certainly wasn't in the market for an expensive pair of sandals, so thankfully they had free shipping and free returns.  When I got the shipping confirmation, I just scratched my head... I bought what?!

But then they arrived.  And they were wonderful.  They are insanely comfortable, and I actually don't have a black casual heeled sandal, so I ended up keeping them.  Whoops 🙈  I got the husband's jeans for a crazy good deal, so that helps justify it right? 

 I mean how good is that heel though?!  I love the edgy details like the lug sole too.

Outfit Details

James Perse tee [this season's version on crazy good markdown, budget option]
Old Navy linen vest [similar]
Joe's jeans [exact]
Colorblock heel sandal [exact]
I sized down 1/2 size- normally get an 8 and the 7.5 is perfect 
$12 sunnies [exact]

No linkup today 😢 Caryl is taking the week off blogging after having to put their dog, Petie, down yesterday.  Caryl & Matt provided Petie such a great life, and I'm so sorry they have to go through this.  Keep them in your prayers and thoughts. 💔

Linked up with  Pink Sole //  Jo-Lynne Shane

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Vacation + Hello Monday Linkup

Happy Monday!  I am back from vacation, and dang it was wonderful.  I met up with my college roommates and besties for a long weekend in Fort Myers Beach, Florida last week.  It was four much needed days of relaxation, catching up, and lots of laughing.  I miss them already!  

It was a super casual vacation, this was the only night we put on real clothes and makeup, so I couldn't pass up snapping a few pictures for the blog with this background!  We went to Jack's Farm to Fork and had dinner while watching the sunset.  The food was almost as good as the company ;)

I've been saving these gorgeous sandals for this trip- so I'm excited to finally debut them on the blog.  They were a perfect versatile color for travel, and insanely comfortable, which was perfect because we did a lot of walking to and from dinners, shopping, and 7-11.  
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