Work Wear Catch Up

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In December, I was in and out of the office with traveling and working from home while the office was virtually empty.  So I'm not sure when many of these outfits, happened, but I promise, they happened 😉

As usual, I've provided full outfit details and linked the items that are available.  
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Trader Joe's Favorites


Guys, I'm so excited about this post.  Like pretty much all other humans with souls, I love Trader Joe's.  Love.

To illustrate...

When we were strategizing our Bloomington exit, I had a few criteria for our elusive destination city; I required that it have a Trader Joes, Nordstrom, and airport.  No, but really.

So when I polled Instragram a few days back and the response was overwhelming in favor of a Trader Joe's favorites post, I got down to business.  First I created a list, which ended up being easily 1/3 of the entire store.  So I had to edit the list, then edit a little more, then go on a field trip to photograph all my favorites.  It was an endeavor of love.  So, read on for my favorites, and please share yours in the comments!  Nothing makes me happier than adding to my Trader Joe's shopping list.
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Shake Shack Pop-Up

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St. Louis got a Shake Shack!

How apropos given that I'm just starting a Whole 30 😆

But when it's over, maybe the insane lines at Shake Shack will have finally died down.
These photos are actually from November, when Shake Shack did a pop-up event at Porano Pasta.  We met Caryl and Matt there and stood in a very long, very cold line.

Totally worth it.

Stay tuned on Instagram stories- as soon as Whole 30 wraps, I think a good burger might be in order.  And in the mean time, I'll be sharing all my healthy cooking.  Woot!

Outfit Details

Gap tee [exact I own all four colors and they're amazing]
Rag & Bone vest [similar, similar under $40]
Spanx leggings [exact]
Free People scarf [exact]
Toga Pulla booties [exact]
Rebecca Minkoff crossbody [similar]

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Twofer + Hello Monday Linkup

Hello friends!  Happy 2018!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  I took a welcome break from work and blogging and spent a lot of time relaxing, with family, and just generally getting my life in order.  I did a lot of organization projects, and it was oddly satisfying.  My kitchen and bathroom are now spic and span (no more unused products or obscure expired condiments🙈) I still need to finish up my closet room, which has been a serious endeavor.  

Banana Republic sweater [exact]  //  Banana Republic sweater midi skirt [exactsimilar]  //  Nadri ear crawlers [exact]  //  Schutz heels [similar]

Gap sequin tee [exact]  //  Express studded skinny jeans [exactsimilar]  //  Schutz heels [similar]  //  J.Crew earrings [similar]  //  Tory Burch crossbody [similar]
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