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I got this belt roughly three years ago (but my current picks are below, my favorites being the pink and black/gold because they're inexpensive, let's be honest).  Sad story.  This dress was a recent acquisition however, and I think every lady needs a polka dot dress.  This particular polka dot dress is super comfy and has the cutest rolled sleeves.  I am also obsessed with the length.  This whole 'midi' trend has me stoked.  As a leggy lady, I can never quite find 'work-friendly' wear.  I need to bend over, sit down, etc, and the midi length finally lets me do that without worry.  If that length isn't your thing, this dress comes in an above the knee length too (also super cute).

Bows and polka dots, yea or nay? 


  1. Oh my gosh, I want that dress so badly! And for that price?! Great find!

    1. ASOS's sale section usually lasts a long time, maybe it will be there still in September! :)


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