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I love J.Crew and don't usually cheat on them, but sometimes it's irresistible.  The 'Tilda' blouse was released this summer and I loved it, however sleeveless blouses just aren't versatile enough for my liking, especially to merit a $110 price tag.  Every time I got a sale e-mail I would add Tilda to my cart only to eventually remove her, and my self control paid off!  Kohl's came out with a pretty darned good reproduction WITH sleeves. Woohoo!  
The only notable differences to me are:
  • The sizing- the Kohl's blouse actually runs a little smaller than the J.Crew blouse (I wear a 2 in J.Crew and needed a 4 in this, 6 if I wanted it to be a little relaxed.)
  • The Kohl's dupe doesn't have rhinestones all the way around the collar (about 4 inches in the back without them), which I actually prefer.  I find that my hair gets caught in the rhinestones, so I can only imagine what trouble having additional ones nobody could even see would cause.
  • The Kohl's version does not have a very top button (visible in the J.Crew stock photo above).
  • The Kohl's version has more stretch
  • The quality isn't quite up to J.Crew standards, that being said, everything feels pretty sturdy and the blouse comes with extra buttons and rhinestones in a little baggie.
  • The J.Crew blouse calls for dry cleaning, while Kohl's calls for hand washing or delicate cycle inside out (another win in my book).
Do you get excited about look-a-likes, or do you prefer to splurge on the real thing?  I'm usually a loyalist, but I couldn't pass up the sleeved version... I may have gotten all three colors.


  1. LOVE seeing this look for less version. Loved the J.Crew but just can't justify the price. I'm a big fan of Kohl's so I will definitely be picking up this blouse!

    1. Yeah! I hear you completely on Tilda! I just couldn't spend $100+ on a sleeveless blouse. Hope you enjoy your Kohl's version :) and thanks for stopping by!



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