Pineapples + Puppy

This weekend I had a closet cleaning party.  It was fun for the first hour, until I realized my closet was still full and my entire bedroom was also covered in clothes.  Oh dear.  After a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond and some creative organizing, all of my many clothes, shoes, and accessories finally have a home in my small [shared] closet.  I'm a smidge proud of how nice it looks, AND I re-discovered a bunch of items I forgot that I even owned, like this cute little navy midi skirt.  I bought it only months ago, and forgot about it because my previous closet ate things.  Consumed.  Gone forever. 
watch | link bracelet | pave bangle 
Sherlock has a limited capacity for photo shoots....
pineapple tee | blazer and necklace: The Limited (older) | skirt (available in a bunch of other colors!)heels
Have any tips for keeping a small, overflowing closet organized?  Since I'm in a rental space, I couldn't install anything, so I 'installed' a hanging second clothes bar and some hanging shelving.  A bookshelf  helped to create additional room for folded clothes and to provide a surface for accessories.  S-hooks (which can be purchased at any hardware store) are really handy to hang purses, caps, layering camis, and belts.  One of my favorite belt storage methods is to string the buckles onto giant loose-leaf rings (those rings near the paper clips at the office supply store) and then hang the ring.  I have three rings of belts, organized by thickness, it's pretty convenient.  Pretty shoe boxes are another favorite.  See the colorful stack?  None of the real shoes are in there, tricked ya!  I use those to store the ugly shoes I keep around for functional reasons- dirty tennis shoes, water shoes, cleats, etc.  They need a home, but I don't really want to look at them everyday...

Have any favorite organizational tips?  How do you keep your closet in order?


  1. Love this!! Especially your pineapple tee! :) would love to get some ideas from you, I'm just starting out on this blogging thing! ;)

    1. Thanks!! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail: sincerelyjennamarie@gmail.com
      I'm new to this blogging business too, but it's always easier to figure it out working with other people!



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