Mixing Metallics

Mixing metallics is all the rage right now, and I couldn't be happier.  I've had an affinity for all things shiny as long as I can remember (like in first grade when my teacher made me go wash off my face because glitter was dangerous if it got in your eyes... little did she know I was just an early adopter of the very safe, very sparkly body glitter fad...).  I am not so much into the body/face glitter anymore (thank goodness) however I definitely support a little shine just about anywhere else.  So, as I'm redecorating, I can't help but want to incorporate some shiny here or there.  Unfortunately, my humble apartment lacks the grand architectural features of the spaces below, however I can still glean inspiration from the pretty.  Hopefully soon I'll have pictures of my own space to put up (couch shopping has been an epic experience, in the negative sense of the word haha, but I finally see a light at the end of the couch tunnel!)  Stay tuned!  Until I have a beautiful space to post, here are some other pretty places from which I'll be stealing inspiration:
all photos from houzz.com, click each photo for the original source
Here are a few of my favorite 'shiny' decorating finds:
via Miss Poppy Designs | comes in gold or silver (I think I need both...)

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