fall wardrobe essentials

The Skinny Black Pant: You can dress it up or down and pair it with virtually any shoes.  For Fall and Winter, I like to look for a slightly longer inseam (at least 28" for the average person, and I prefer at least 31" because I'm 5'8") so I don't have cold ankles.  
The Denim Jacket: you can wear it with anything.

The Basic Sweatshirt: This item is a mandatory layering piece. You can toss it on solo with some skinnies and flats, or bundle up with a button down underneath and a utility jacket on top. Plus it's cozy, and lower maintenance than sweaters. Lower maintenance = Win. (I am the LAZIEST launderer ever. If it requires ironing/dry cleaning/etc I will pretty much wear it until it's dirty and then consider cleaning it six months later....)

The Utility Jacket: See 'Denim Jacket'.  Really though, as far as casual versatility goes, nothing trumps a utility jacket.  Olive is classic, but navy, beige, or any other neutral is just as handy to have at your disposal.  If you have a shopping problem like me, then consider investing in a more obscure color too, like pale pink.
The Straight Leg Jean: You know that perfect sloppy jean cuff you're seeing in all the magazines?  The secret is straight leg jeans.  Cuffed straight leg jeans with ankle boots is a super cute look, plus straight legs are universally flattering.
The Chambray Button Down: I have more than 10 and wear one at least 3 times a week.  They layer with everything from t-shirts to sequins, and don't need to be ironed.  I'd recommend a lighter-medium colored shade if you're purchasing your first.  Since dark denim is more prevalent right now, that'll decrease your chances of matching your top and bottom... because that can look a little silly (unless you're a J.Crew model...
The Plaid Shirt: Pretty much the same logic as the chambray button down.  
The Leather Boot: Wear it with jeans, pants, skirts, or dresses.  They're warm, functional, and pretty.  Nothing like a rich, luxurious pair of leather boots to punctuate an outfit, and just make you feel good.  
I can guarantee I have on at least three pieces from this list everyday in Fall.   They're just so versatile.  I've included both lower and higher price points of each staple, but if your budget allows, I would definitely recommend splurging on an 'investment' version of each.  I get so much wear out of my Frye boots and plethora of chambray shirts.  (I have more than 10. Don't judge...)
What're your go-to fall essentials?  

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