holiday glam

stone bracelet | chain link bracelet | diamond bangle | pave bangle | cuff
Nordstrom scarf | J.Crew  tee |Audry Brooke flats (similar) | Rich&Skinny jeans (similar)

All the holiday parties are such a great excuse to break out the serious sequins.  Not just the everyday sequins, but the hardcore, borderline excessive sequins.  Really though, who am I kidding, there's no such thing as excessive sequins.


  1. I must know where this blazer came from!

    Elise Goes Glam

    1. This blazer is from Macy's last season, by MM Couture :( -- I found as many similar as I could in the links below, I think the silver Boden option is pretty similar, and their stuff always fits really nice!

  2. hair tutorial please!!!

    1. This is my "sort've let your hair dry naturally and then put it in a messy bun look" ... unfortunately it's not so much a style I can teach as my crunchy weird hair O.o

      Any day you want to guest post a do a real hair tutorial however, you're welcome to :)


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