adidas leopard print sneakers

I saw someone wearing these sneakers on Instagram a bit ago, and HAD to have them.  I searched high and low, and couldn't find them anywhere on the interweb.  It was devastating.  Then, one morning (if you would call it that) my dear cute puppy decided he needed to relieve himself at 3:00am and that I was the most suitable escort.  Only in a sleep-deprived haze could I finally locate these bad boys.  And only in a sleep deprived haze would I spend more than $100 on sneakers I didn't actually intend to run in...  Well they were definitely a sound investment, I've worn them SO much, and they are super comfy.
AND the reason I'm bringing this up now, is because they went on sale, plus an additional $15 off, making them practically half off! If you love leopard as much as me, you probably need a pair.  Check them out!

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