clean eats caesar dressing + greek yogurt salad dressings

Caesar salad is one of my go-to meals.  I LOVE a good caesar salad, but hate that it's definitely not healthy.  So,  I make almost all my own salad dressings, because they're just as tasty and wayy healthier.  Plus, my fridge doesn't have room for 14 kinds of salad dressing, so making it as needed solves that problem.  Caesar is the dressing that I make most often though.  It's super easy, I always have the ingredients on hand, and it's versatile.  This dressing is great for caesar wraps, salads, quinoa bowls, the list goes on....  Caesar isn't the only dressing that benefits from the substitution of Greek yogurt-- it also contributes to a delicious honey mustard, and a few variations on ranch dressing too.  Below are the recipes for the dressings I return to most often.  Enjoy!
Caesar recipe adapted from Jamie Oliver


  1. Thanks for these recipes! I found the image on Pinterest, but it was linked to a totally different website. Fortunately your address is on the image. :)

  2. Same thing happened to me, Jenna, so I fixed the link. I'm kinda glad though, I got to see your lovely blog:) I'll be sharing it with my granddaughter when she comes to visit. She's 12 and quite the "fashionista:) Thanks for sharing, Jenna...


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