What I'm... Wednesday

Happy New Year!
Pureology hydrating shampoo & conditioner: Like Moroccan Oil, this stuff deserves heaps of praise.  Every time I go out of town and don't bring it (I have the biggest bottle available of each... not very travel-friendly; more budget-friendly) my hair gets very sad.  Truth.  I am happily reunited with my shampoo and conditioner and my locks are tremendously grateful.

Leverage: Think Oceans 11 in TV format, with (let's be honest) a less attractive lead male.  Nonetheless, highly entertaining and on Netflix.  If it's not Food Network, that last part is vital.

Embellished bomber: Hello lovely.  I think this is a rational need.  How fantastically will it transition into spring? Perfectly, that's how.  

Kendra Scott studs: I've been vying for a bold, but less gaudy pair of earrings than my favorite j.crew pair.  Thank you  Husband  Santa for these gorg Kendra Scott lovelies.  

Brookside dark chocolate pomegranate candies: and they try to pass these babies off as healthy, HA!  They are however delicious, and come in a small bag so I feel the need to ration them.  I just can't ration too wisely, I probably need to finish off my Christmas candy... uh yesterday... so I don't feel guilty eating it when I'm supposed to be eating healthy because it's a new year.  Because that's what I'm supposed to do the first week or two of every year, right?

Wacom Intuos tablet: Another Christmas success.  Be prepared for fashion sketches, once I can get my artwork with this thing to not look like a kindergardener coloring with their non-dominant hand.  Somehow skill with a pencil and paper isn't translating as smoothly as I'd like.  For starters, here's a puppy:

What are you up to this Wednesday?  Exciting NYE plans?


  1. Yes! I am excited for that tablet artwork! Cute puppy. :)


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