What I'm... Wednesday

nut thins: greatest.crackers.EVER.  I'm not gluten intolerant, just tremendously loyal to the Blue Diamond brand.  So, when they came out with crackers, I had to try them.  I haven't turned back.  Adios ordinary crackers, you've been replaced.
the superbowl: I don't like football, but I really like hosting parties.  Therefore, I'm basically the perfect host for football events.  I will gladly spend my time in the kitchen or refilling drinks vs actually watching the football game.  Who's even in the superbowl this year?
crystal cluster necklace: I got this necklace less than a week ago, and I've already worn it at least four times.  It goes with everything, and for less than $25, it simply cannot be beat.  Plus the shop owner is a doll.  You probably need one.
printable valentine's coupons: I'm working on a cute little deck of printable valentine's day coupons for the prince charming in your life.  Keep your eyes peeled the end of this week or early next :)
fashion illustrations: In kindergarden I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer.  I still want to, but right now I'm at a brainy job to pay the bills.  Once the husband is a hotshot lawyer, I absolutely want to pursue fashion further, but for now I satisfy the desire with dressing myself.  I used to draw a lot, but I've stopped since graduating college.  (nothing like an 8:30-5:30 job to put a halt to hobbies...)  I'm starting again though.  Since I'm writing it here, it really will happen.  Want one of yourself?  Let me know :)  If there's not an overwhelming demand, I may start doing a weekly illustration for a blog follower.   Yea/nay?
coral statement necklace: orange is my favorite color, so my obsession with this beauty is a no-brainer.  Now summer just needs to get here so I can wear all my bright, cheery clothes that would go with it.

What are you _______ing this Wednesday?


  1. I obviously want one.

  2. I would love to see your illustrations! And that necklace is gorg...oh my.

    xo Kimi

  3. omggg i want a picture!! i have no artistic ability whatsoever. people who can draw amaze me lol

    1. I'd love to draw one of you! Do you have a favorite outfit, or shall I just pick one?


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