what I'm wednesday

packing for chicago: Just a little more than 48 hours until my bestie and I are reunited!  And since she's just the greatest and wants to snap all kinds of blog photos for me, I need to pack smart.  Way smarter than last time when I literally didn't bring anything that went together.  So, time to break out my trusty herschel backpack which will basically hold my blowdryer and makeup stuffs... no judgement if I bring a big suitcase on a three day road trip, right?

trying out FaceDoctor cleansing bar: I've had bad skin for... what feels like ever.  I've tried basically everything but acutane and proactive, and nothing has given me satisfactory or lasting results.  I always set these landmarks, like maybe when I'm 20 my skin will improve... Nope.  Maybe when I get married... Definitely not yet.  So, I'm open to whatever it takes.  I've heard rave reviews for this stuff, and a bar is only like $13 on Amazon... so if it sucks I'm at least not out anything.  If it's awesome I'll post my before and after and tell you how magical it is.  Fingers crossed.

depending on my hunter boots: it.just.keeps.snowing.  I'll spare you any more weather complaints.

missing my nordstrom days: I really like my current job, but I work in technology/agriculture/manufacturing.  Definitely not where I envisioned myself after college.  And some weeks when I have very uncreative projects, I really miss Nordstrom.  I loved helping guys shop and working with fashion.  It was just fun.  I wish I could just rotate jobs and spend a month at Nordstrom every now and again.  

wishing i bought the j. crew crystal rectangle necklace: they're all gone, and the clear one is absolutely perfect for layering.  I keep checking to see if any pop back up, but so far no bueno.

eyeing the perfect striped tee: I have a white and navy striped slouchy shirt right now that I adore.  I got it for $7 from some sketchy clothes sale at the IU union.  I've worn it so many times the tag fell off and now I don't know which side is the front.  I got watermelon on one side so that's the back now.  Based on the insane amount of wear my current staple has seen, I think I can justify a splurge on this one, my size just needs to be left come March.  Curse you No Shop February, which should really be called 'Shop less and feel guilty February'...

What's been the highlight of your Wednesday?

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