what i'm... friday

Oh hey, 'What I'm Friday' doesn't quite have the same ring to it as Wednesday... but this way, I had two extra days to do exciting stuff before I reported about it all.  Really, I was just busy sleeping and watching copious amounts of Netflix, but we'll go with doing exciting stuff, really exciting stuff.

chowing down kettle corn Popcorners: These babies are sweet, salty, crunchy, and incredibly delicious all at once.  Plus they're not too unhealthy, and I can order them in ridiculous quantities from Vitacost and have them delivered to my doorstep.  

so not into raw edge denim: Guys, this is what I did to my cheap juniors department jeans so they were long enough when I was like 13.  I took the seam ripper to the bottom and then ironed it flat.  Buying jeans like this is not okay, specially when they're ankle length and terrible.  It's upsetting.  I'm upset.

obsessed with Anylist: This app is fantastic.  It's a grocery list app essentially, but it intelligently sorts everything you add to it by department, allows you to share it with other people, let's you set 'favorites', cross off items as you buy them, add notes, and so much more.  E can remember we need garlic and just add it to our list, and it shows up on my phone.  I can decide we need Ben & Jerry's and have it show up for him.  Let's be honest though, it usually happens the opposite way.

waiting for Old Navy jackets: Between coupon codes and rewards, I got $107ish dollars of stuff from Old Navy for under $40, including these two jackets.  The navy one will hopefully satisfy my desire for the J.Crew field jacket, and oh hey the camo one also has a pricier J.Crew counterpart.  Sorry J.Crew, I've been unfaithful.
stoked to go to St. Louis: I haven't been home since Thanksgiving, which considering the proximity is a little sad.  But that's changing next weekend.  Yeah!  We'll be celebrating my mom and Sherlock's birthdays, and I get to capitalize on my parents respective skills.  My mom is a hair dresser and my dad a chiropractor.  I kind of hit the parents jackpot ;)  
watching emily owens MD: Maybe this should say 'watched', because I watched the whole series while sitting in bed sick.  I'm now feeling better health-wise, but I'm still totally mad at the writers for ending it the way they did.  Guh.  It was a cute, mindless show and then they blew it.  Now I need some other dumb show to watch on Netflix... Recommendations?
Anyhow, thanks for swinging by!  Happy Friday!  Remember there are still a few more days to enter my giveaway as well :)


  1. Your dad is a Chiro!?! That's AWESOME!!!!! Just when I thought you couldn't get any more fabulous.....LOL! Also, I'm guilty of 1 pair of JBrand raw edge boyfriend crops!! They are probably the most comfortable pair I own....and an Ebay steal! #donthateme Thanks for the Anylist recommendation. I hate the one I use for groceries now so will def be deleting and adding the new!! Also.....Totally agree with Emily Owens!! Miss that show.....loved it!!! Have you watched Hart of Dixie?! Love me some Rachel Bilson!!! Enjoy home sweet girl!!!

    1. Yes he is! I love it! And I'm sure you rock your JBrand raw edge jeans, I think my awkward-no-jeans-were-long-enough youth interferes with my acceptance of this trend :) And I'm now adding Hart of Dixie to my Netflix queue! I've never seen any, but I'm excited now!

  2. I definitely need to try that grocery list app, making notes on my iPhone just isn't cutting it haha. Also, do you use Adobe Illustrator for your graphics? I have some work projects I need to start on and am trying to figure out the best design software to use.

    1. I seriously can't rave enough about anylist! Hope you love it :) as for illustrations, it depends on the level of detail I'm seeking- for simple things that will only be used for viewing on the computer I use Adobe Fireworks most often, my go-to for more complicated graphics or anything for print is Adobe Illustrator. It's a little more complicated to learn, but you can do anything with it. I probably use that one most often. Hope that helps!


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