What I'm... Wednesday

obsessed with cnd vinylux nail polish in lilac longing: how perfect is this shade for Spring?  Plus the CND vinylux polish lasts FOREVER and doesn't even need a basecoat.  It's incredible, and Vinylux comes in dozens of other gorgeous colors, in case I ever get tired of this gorgeous purple.. although that's unlikely.

toting around hunter rain flats: 'April showers' are real.  After managing to slop mud all over (and in) a pair of gold leather flats, I keep my rubber flats in the car in case of unexpected rain.

trying out biotin pills: so long story short, I mayyyy have managed to remove a large portion of my actual eyelashes while removing the straggler extensions.  So I'll be rocking strip eyelashes most days until my eyelashes fill in a little more... and I read that biotin helps them grow faster.  Whoops.

loving drapey tees: Target does it again!  And for only $12.  These perfectly slouchy, comfy rayon tees are my new favorite.  I need every color.  Seriously.

wearing my new turbanspace druzy ring: seriously, how gorgeous is this ring!?  And it matches my current mani perfectly.  I love how uniquely stunning all their pieces are.  Plus you can get 15% off any order of $50+ with code TurbanLove.  Make sure and follow along on Facebook to check out new arrivials!

back into pinterest:  I go in Pinterest phases, and right now I am pinning like crazy.  I basically pin food, because most of my hobbies revolve around it in one way or another, but I like fashion and home decor too!  If you're a pin-a-holic too, please leave you pinterest URL and I'd love to follow along!

Hope you had a lovely Wednesday!


  1. One of my favorite posts of the week....and I'm a day late!!!!! http://www.pinterest.com/drcorey/ so I can follow all your recipe pinnings too!! :P

  2. Jenna I have used the exact same Biotin Supplement Pills for over a year now and they are wonderful! They not only help with lashes and hair growth, but they help keep your skin and nails healthy too!

    1. So glad to hear that! Thanks for weighing in and reading :)


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