what I'm wednesday

eating lemon ginger bites: I generously donated my Easter jelly beans and stash of lemon Oreos to my office break room, so these goodies are my go-to sweet of choice.  I tried out grape tomatoes as a sweet-tooth satisfier, but about 2/3lb of tomatoes later, I've decided I need to devise more recipes like this one, because tomatoes aren't cutting it. {Fun fact 2/3lb of grape tomatoes has about 100 calories, which equals 1 1/3 lemon Oreo... and by fun I mean totally depressing...}

awaiting a dozen tumblers: E watched the documentary 'Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead' the other day and basically never wants to eat again.  Since that just won't work, he's opted to juice awhile instead.  I'll probably try joining him over the weekend, but last time I juiced during the work week it just didn't go well.  When we juice, we make 6 juices/each first thing in the morning to last the whole day.  So instead of rubber-banding plastic wrap onto red solo cups x12, we got classy and eco-friendly and ordered a dozen reusable tumblers.  Now I just need some cute E & J decals so we don't share germs cause that's gross... or I just like craft projects ;)

wearing boyfriend jeans: I am obsessed with boyfriend jeans.  I usually wear them at least 4 days a week, if not more.  This J.Crew Factory version is my current favorite, plus they're 50% off right now, making them an absolute steal!  Here are a few other pairs I've been eyeing:

seeking running jams: I haven't updated my workout playlist since about 2011, and I'm in dire need of some new workout tunes.  Recommendations?  Currently my playlist consists of all kinds of bass-heavy rap, some Katy Perry, and Linkin Park.  So, I basically like anything.  What are your favs?

shopping for a new cellphone case: I've had the same quirky maze iPhone case for quite some time, and all the pink has turned blue from keeping it in my back pocket of my jeans.  {And more importantly, the maze isn't hard anymore...} so I'm on the lookout for a new one.  How cute is this one?  It just needs to be blue, so it doesn't turn blue...

depending on sebastian whipped creme: I'm embracing my curls, mostly out of sheer laziness.  With this whole going to the gym business, that also means washing my hair much more often.  I usually can squeeze 3 days (at least...) out of my straight hair, but daily workouts means daily hair-washings.  So, post shower I load on the Sebastian Whipped Creme and Moroccanoil, and let my hair air dry.  This combo tames the frizz really well, without any crunchiness or strong odors, a definite must in my book.

Also, just a little stoked that I got $50 to Nieman Marcus Last Call for $18!  Just buy the deal through Living Social HERE and use coupon code 'BestMom'.  Ridiculous, right?  Plus NM Last Call is having some INSANE sales right now.  Score.

Hope you're having a great Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hello again Jenna! I think its great you and E have been increasing your work out routine! To me it sounds like you need DRY SHAMPOO! It works wonders for me and really helps to refresh your blowout after a workout. I would recommend the Dry Bar DETOX dry shampoo! I usually purchase mine at Sephora, but you can also find it online. Hope this helps to extend your hair styles ;)

    1. Thanks! I'll have to check it out! I've used a few other brands, but I haven't fallen in love with one. This one is on my Sephora list now :)


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