what i'm wednesday

watching the bachelorette: the Bachelorette is definitely guilty pleasure TV, it's so dumb yet so easy to get drawn in.  I haven't watched every season, but I like Andi. Typically the Bachelorette has a little less drama than the Bachelor, so that helps too... typically.

living in 'dry clean only' tee: I like witty things, and I find this witty.  It's also tremendously comfy.  

excited that it's a four day week: 'nuff said, right?

indulging in animal crackers and nutella: my husband tried to tell me he didn't like Nutella.  After finally trying it with animal crackers, he rescinded that statement and now contributes to the rapid consumption of Nutella in this household.  Animal crackers are just the perfect crunchy, mildly sweet companion to the ever-delicious Nutella.  If you like Nutella, animal crackers, or both, you should probably try them together :)

eyeing this leopard backpack: Nordstrom's half-yearly sale has been taunting me, but this cute little backpack is a practical purchase, right?  Or at least more practical than this pretty, hehe.

finally embracing camouflage: When I was touring colleges, I visited Oklahoma University.  Before the tour even started, I knew I couldn't go there... I was basically the only prospect student in the room not wearing camouflage, and at that point I swore I wouldn't attend college there or wear camo.  Yeah that was judgmental, but I was a high school junior and I really disliked camo... So when camo became a 'thing', it took me awhile, but I think this trend has grown on me despite my stubbornness.  My inevitable acceptance of camouflage is probably rooted in my independent affinities for patterns and olive green.  I've now got a jacket (seen here), pair of skinny pants (seen here), t-shirt (seen here), and sweatshirt, and all four are in heavy rotation.  Goodness, if I end up wearing overalls though, somebody stop me.

Thanks for reading, happy hump day!

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