what I'm... wednesday

learning wordpress: This adventure started as a work project, but when my boss realized that it was quite complex he instructed me to abandon it.  I'm a little stubborn though, and if I've started learning something I'm going to finish.  I've got my books in tote and am studying up a bit every night.  Plus, I've seen WordPress as a preferred skill in a lot of job descriptions, so it seems like a worthwhile skill to pick up.  Yeah nerd hobbies!

eyeing silver d'orsay flats: How gorgeous are these?  I'm mildly obsessed with metallic anything, and pointy-toe shoes in general, so these are a no-brainer need.  I just grimace a little at the price tag, but I'm sure they'd get lots of wear.  Plus Piperlime is participating in Ebates 15% back promo and I have Old Navy rewards to redeem.  I think I just convinced myself I need them...

wanting to DIY j.crew rope bracelet: This bracelet is a $70 combo of twine and a carabiner.  Yes, it's way cute, but on principle alone I could never justify it.  If I can track down the appropriate closure, this DIY will hopefully be a breeze.  (Granted, that's what I said about the 2/3 finished navy tulle skirt that's been in my craft closet the last 8 months...)

using sea salt texturizing spray: My curls are at their best when I've been in the ocean a lot and not washed my hair.  Gross?  Maybe, but it's true.  Aquage's sea salt texturizing spray provides a gentler 'ocean hair' texture, and smells really lovely.  The insane Indiana humidity and my hair aren't really friends, so this makes my obligatory curls much more pleasant :)

excited to make flour tortillas: I got a tortilla press for Mother's Day from Sherlock.  Thanks Sherlock!  I'm super stoked about it and have already made corn tortillas, but I want to venture into flour tortillas so I can make some hearty wheat ones :)  Any tortilla making experts out there?  I'm still figuring this business out, and flour ones seem somehow more complicated, probably because there's more than two ingredients.

polishing cnd 'cake pop':  This color is so cute and springy!  And I know I've raved before, but the creative nail design vinylux polish lasts forever and doesn't even need a basecoat.  Obsessed.

Happy Wednesday & thanks for swinging by!


  1. If you figure out how to make that J. Crew bracelet, let me know ;) xoxoxo danielle @ For the Love of Leopard

  2. Oh my gosh, my hair is totally the best after I swim in the ocean, too! That is so funny. Mine gets all wavy and looks perfect. I hate washing it away!

    xo Kimi


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