what I'm... wednesday

awaiting silver flats: I had my eye on these last week, and thank to stacking coupon codes and Old Navy rewards, I got them for a steal!  If you use the code 'sale' and '25lucky' you can get them down to $53 instead of $110.  Win.
excited about a long weekend in st. louis: I'm headed home to spend Memorial Day with my family at my parents' country home, which means relaxation, no internet, and tons of free space for pup.  Plus pretty scenery and no awkward social encounters while taking blog photos.
wearing men's graphic tees: Why doesn't anyone make NASA or Captain America lady's tees?  Until they do, I'll just be wearing my perfectly slouchy tees borrowed from the boys, with sneakers and boyfriend jeans on the weekend, or heels and a blazer for the office.
using pacifica blood orange hand cream: This hand cream smells deliciously summery, and doesn't leave any of that greasy residue many other hand creams do.  Let's be honest though, I bought it for the packaging :)
craving avocado hummus: Imagine guacamole meets hummus, only tastier.  It's delicious on pita chips, tostadas, or dolloped on a taco salad.  I've made it a couple times, and the necessary ingredients are on my grocery list because I think of it longingly every time I'm hungry.  Yes, it's that delicious.
wanting to try origins active charcoal mask: I've read that this is kind of like the poor man's GlamGlow mud mask, so I'm curious about the results.  Have any of you savvy readers tried the Origins mask?  Or how about the GlamGlow mask?
Happy Wednesday!

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