summer loves + longings

1. Bright printed sweatshirts are perfect paired with shorts or destructed jeans for a chilly evening.  I just got this one in the mail (maybe in both colors) and I'm absolutely obsessed. (Love)

2. A weekender bag is a necessity for summer road trips, plus this one's a steal & how cute is the pattern? (Longing)

3. Metallic flats are my favorite way to dress up any ensemble during the summer.  Usually I'd toss on a blazer or sequined cardi, but the extra layers just aren't practical with this midwest heat.  Fabulous shoes however?  Always practical. (Love)

4. Fabulous earrings are another way to glam up your look without making it uncomfortable in the summer temperatures. (Longing)

5.  These shorts are everything.  I have one color and need every other color that exists please.  I don't do booty shorts, but these are the perfect happy medium between hoochie and mom shorts.  Plus the fabric feels like butter and has the perfect amount of stretch. (Love)

6. A structured handbag in summer tones is ideal for going from the office to the evening.  This particular one is half off, and absolutely beautiful.  And calling my name. (Longing)

7. Summer-inspired chambray is basically the best invention ever.  I could wear chambray every day, and this little blouse makes that slightly more practical during the summer.  I just need 6 more so I can have one for every day of the week. (Love)

8. Hello pretty sunnies.  I love the quirky shape of these. (Longing)

9. Strappy leather sandals are all over this season, but the summery-citrus tones of this particular style are just charming.  So is the price, at half off! (Longing)

10. Metallic belts follow basically the same logic as metallic flats and earrings, but for your waist. (Longing)

What are your favorite summer staples? 
Thanks for reading & have a great weekend!

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  1. I adore J Crew shorts, I have four pairs, can you say excessive.


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