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Last week we went on an impromptu road trip to Chicago, and this is the outfit I wore.  Presentable enough to make pit stops and be visible to other humans, but perfectly comfortable for mucho sitting. I wore this new top from Soigne Fashion, and it is going to be in major rotation moving forward.  It has the perfect high-low hem for half-tucking and is rayon, basically the dreamiest fabric ever.  (ps, get your own, or anything else for 25% off with code JENNA25.)  Paired with uber broken in jeans, and granola sandals, what more could I need for the perfect road tripping experience?  Funny you asked!
 Below I've outlined my road tripping essentials, but let's be honest, my bag had way more snacks than pictured, I'm the munchiest car rider.  Ever.  

1. The perfect carry-all tote.  I like this one because 1) it's reversible, 2) large, and 3) inexpensive.  I am rough with my travel bags, so the last thing I want is to be stressing over scuffing the leather or dinging it up when I stuff it under seats, sit it down in gross public bathrooms, and other less than ideal things that travel bags go through. 

2. Entertainment.  Yes, I am in my twenties and travel with my Gameboy.  I can carry extra AA batteries therefore giving it infinite life, which is more than I can say for Sir Kindle.  I do love Sir Kindle though.  While I do prefer paper books, the Kindle eliminates my concerns about how many books to bring.  (For high school spring breaks, I would bring like 8 books in fear of running out... sometimes I still did...)

3. Phone charger.  I'm an instagramaholic.  My phone battery lasts approximately 8 minutes, so in the interest of not having any 'my iPhone died' induced panic attacks, I keep my charger with me always.  I have a car version too, but that stays in my car.

4. Tide To Go Pen.  If I hadn't already established my religious beliefs, I think I would worship these handy pens.  I am the most talented getter of food on my clothes, especially in the car when there are no napkins or water available.  I have gotten EVERYTHING out with a Tide To Go Pen (just never try to use it on leather.... sad story.)

5. Lip balm.  My favorite is Covergirl Smoochies... which I feel ridiculous typing.  Silly name aside, I love this stuff.  It has a hint of color and a ton of moisture, without crazy scents or stickiness. 

6. Real food.  I usually try to pack a few apples, some carrot sticks, or something else that actually grows in its present form.  I'm all about indulgent travel snacks, but sometimes your body deserves something real.

7. Reusable water bottle.  I swear, just sitting in a car is dehydrating.  And since it's been established I eat junk food when traveling, I figure I can at least drink water instead of pop.  Plus you save money, and can then justify that pair of shoes you don't need.

8. Snacks.  I'm a really strategic food packer... I like to make sure I've hit salty, sweet, chewy, crunchy, and sour; Basically anything you could ever crave.  I typically avoid things that can melt, like chocolate, or yogurt covered goodies.  My snacks of choice this time were kettle Popcorners (which are crunchy, salty, AND sweet; basically the best snack food ever) and gummy grapefruit slices (sour and chewy).  There may have been some skittles, BBQ Popcorners, nuts, and other snacks that didn't fit in the photo though...

9. Clutch.  I keep my necessities in a clutch within my giant bag, so if I need to run into a gas station or rest stop I can fish it out and quickly have my phone, wallet, and keys with me.  That way I don't have to lug my giant bag of snacks in with me... to get more snacks....

10. Mints.  I don't know how minty fresh you are after hours in the car, but I certainly want something to help out...

11. Sunglasses.  Yeah, there are a few obvious picks on this list... although more specifically, I do like cheap sunnies for road trips, since I'm a pro at losing, sitting on, or dropping them.  Wait, I always like cheap sunnies for those same reasons...

And a few not pictured:
camera, jacket, oil absorbing sheets, quarters for toll booths, pillow, CDs cause my car is fancy like that, a bag to collect trash, tissues, and a few toys for the pooch.  

Did I miss anything?  What are your road trip essentials?
jacket: h&m (similar) {also seen here}
tee: soigne fashion c/o 25% off with code JENNA25 (also love)
jeans: textile by elizabeth & james (similar, similar) {also seen here}
leather bracelet & navy clutch: j grant's general store (15% off w/ JENNA15) {also seen here
sandals: birkenstock 
earrings: kendra scott

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  1. Coming over from the link-up. I totally agree with you on the water bottle. I have to have one. I also bring snacks like grapes which have a higher water content. I hope you had a great time in Chicago!

    Nicole to the Nines

  2. Replies
    1. Right?! Can't beat the price or that it's reversible! Thanks for stopping by xoxo

  3. fab bag and great list. sometimes I need two pairs of sunnies at least!
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

    1. Thank you! And very true... I usually try to bring at least one brown and one black :)

  4. I would love to go on a road trip. I think I would probably wear slouchy trousers rather than jeans but that's just me. Great list, I love the size of your tote!

  5. I LOVE your tote and those perfect boyfriend jeans!! And popcorners are the best! I basically love any form of popcorn haha
    Visiting from the link-up!

  6. I'm so happy you linked up! It's like seeing an old friend walk into a party! <3
    A) packing posts always fascinate me
    B) I wish I could looks as chic as you in just a pony!


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