what i'm wednesday

crafting diy destructed jorts: over the weekend I snagged a pair of AG jeans at goodwill and I'm working on turning them into some uber destructed jorts.  An exacto knife and tweezers are about all you need, and it's a pretty easy (and semi-therapeutic) process.  Once I have them perfect, they'll probably make an appearance here :)

wearing my leather bracelet everyday: I have the green one, and I'm obsessed.  It's already molded perfectly to my wrist.  I love the tan and cobalt too.  Think I'm allowed to use my own coupon code to get more? (Use JENNA15 for 15% off your purchase)

awaiting chambray pants and bucket bag: I've had Old Navy rewards burning a hole in my pocket the last little while and I finally caved and snagged up these chambray pants on clearance and this purse.  The pants are final sale, so fingers crossed they fit and are cute, despite the not so stellar reviews.  

playing wii super smash brothers: E & I have started playing our dusty Wii together again, and Smash Brothers is our game of choice.  There's no strategy and I can just press buttons, so I'm happy, and I'm playing a video game, so E's happy.  It's kind of cute, until I get overly competitive...

living on cherries: I have literally eaten pounds of cherries this week already.  They've been on sale at the grocery (otherwise a bag is like $12, not even kidding...) so I've been taking full advantage of it.  We're talking cherries with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I could happily live on fruit, so I'm very much a happy camper.

wrapping up my company's new website: Guys, I only have three more days of work (including today) and it's so bittersweet.  I have way more I want to get done than I possibly can in these last few days, but wrapping up a brand new (and quite beautiful if I may say so myself...) website for my company is one of the last things I'll be contributing.  This was my first real big kid job out of college;  I've learned so much and am sad to leave, but I'm so excited to get out of Bloomington (and the agriculture industry...)  I'm even more excited to figure out what comes next!  (After we pack up our whole apartment and I take a day or two to do absolutely nothing....)

Hope you're having a great wednesday!  PS- it's bonus Wednesday, make sure and check out my outfit post as well :)

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