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Happy Friday!  I've been neglecting my usual Wednesday posts, so I'm just sharing some odds'n'ends about this week, in a less structured (and pretty) manner.  Thanks for reading!

{Trying to talk myself out of}
Buying overalls after seeing Blair wear them...
I saw Blair wear overalls and a trench coat, so I bought overalls and a trench coat...
I hated overalls with a fiery passion, and now I want a pair.  Am I crazy??
$23  with coupon code '83V547V1' | 2 $260 | 3 $50 | $23 | 5 $15

The entire blog.  It's about minimalism in your wardrobe (lol)
yet I'm a little obsessed.  How have I never stumbled upon this blog before?
The Giver.  Just in time for it to be in theatres...

Another minimalist fashion blog (the entire thing...).  Pretty sure I would struggle
immensely trying this, but maybe I'll do a 30-day challenge or
something soon to see how it goes.  I think I'd miss color variety though.

shoes run a half size big | bracelets  10% off with 'sincerelyjennamarie' | sunnies $5!
dress: target | jacket | bracelet 10% off with 'sincerelyjennamarie' | sandals
tee | jacket | sneakers
sweater | scarf | jeans | tote

Travel means eating out a lot.... If the food here wasn't so good I might complain.
Next time I should just get the rosemary french fries,
not that my sandwich wasn't incredible,
there was just SO much food.
It's not a trip to Utah without a sweet pork salad from costa vida.  Or maybe two.
Chicken tenders miiight be one of my absolute favorite foods.
So slather them in sweet, spicy, sticky sauce and what more could a girl want?

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  1. I love Into-Mind! I recently got her workbook and I'm excited to go through it, even if I know I probably won't be able to minimalize my wardrobe. (Someday, though! At least that's what I keep telling myself.)

    xo Kimi


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