what i'm wendesday

reading thinking in numbers:  I had a limited selection of books at the airport to choose from, but a series of essays written by a mathematician about everyday stuff sounded fascinating.  It was.  Plus the author is British, and all things British are awesome.

eyeing this plaid shirt dress: I have a serious plaid obsession, so this dress is perfect.  Plus it's 45% OFF with code DEAL1 right now.  Seriously though, 45% off is practically free.  (pssst, EVERYTHING is 45% off with code DEAL1 .. time to get your fall shopping on!)

sad that E is in chicago without me: E has a lawyer networking breakfast event to go to, and I'm sitting this trip out.  I just got back into town after being gone for over 12 days, easily the longest we've been apart since being married, so I'm trying to convince him to make it a quick trip.  No tourist Bean selfies for us this time :( 

obsessed with these destructed skinny jeans: I have my go-to destructed boyfriend jeans, but I had yet to find the perfect fitted jeans with some fading and destruction.  Then I saw these on Unfancy and had to have them.  They are perfect, and also eligible for 45% off the already sale price with code DEAL1.  Ridiculous.

snacking on dried mandarin oranges: Trade Joe's is the best.  Only they could masterfully dry an orange so it's still delicious.  Being coated in sugar may help too... (photo cred: kirbie's cravings)

nervous about my upcoming half marathon: I've got a little over a month until my first half marathon, and I'm not ready yet.  I haven't upped my distance past about 4 miles, so it's crunch time.  I've whipped myself into condition real quick before so I know it's possible, but the scorching weather and my general lack of motivation around mile 3 is a little discouraging.  My goal is 50 miles in the next seven days.  I'll let you know how that goes.  Woot!  

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