insta-recap and a few that didn't make the cut

I'm kind of an Insta-holic, but I try not to be that person who posts 12,536 pictures a day, because well who wants to be that person?  So at the end of every week I always have a handful of photos that never made it to Instagram.  I also tossed in the outfits that were on Instagram but never earned their own blog post.
jacket | hoodie | plaid shirt | jeans | nail polish
hoodie | sandals
It's sweater weather!  This was snapchat worthy.  (Sweater from Walmart)
My sister's response to the snapchat, hahaha.  She has tough dogs.
pants | shoes | sweater
"Don't worry, I'm just chewing ON your shoes..."
Marshalls try ons.   Cloth & Stone leopard blouse $49  | Max Jeans pale pink skinny jeans $35 | Daniel Rain peasant blouse $20 on clearance | skinny cargos (my own) | overalls $24     I ended up with the center blouse and a plain gray shirt not pictured.  That muted leopard shirt and pale pink skinny jeans were super tempting though. 
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  1. Haha I'm an Insta-Holic as well, it's just so addicting! I also love those Marshall try on picks too, good catches!


    1. Haha glad to hear I'm not the only one ;) Whenever I'm on my phone and he asks what I'm doing, Insta is the answer, and he just doesn't understand how I can spend 15 minutes scrolling through other people's pictures haha. And thank you! Their selection was on point this weekend! xoxo

  2. I love Instagram! It's my favorite social media thing right now besides pinterest of course! I love that peasant top from Marshall's, hope you bought it! so pretty!


    1. Yess! Insta and Pinterest might be a tie. I love that I interact more with other people on Instagram, but it certainly doesn't help me decide what to make for dinner ;) And THank you! That's the one item that went home with me :) xoxo

      PS- make sure and stop by on Thursdays to link up!

  3. Cutness! I love the Marshall's looks. I love that place, lol! thanks for linking up...xo!

    P.S. I'm a huge Instagram lover too!



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