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Hi!  I've been rather absent from blogging/social media world (whole days without INSTA, say what?!) but I've been pretty busy with the new place.  We were looking to get a 2 bedroom apartment with a walk out patio for the dog.  We somehow ended up with a 3 bedroom 3.5 bath townhouse with a yard, multiple living spaces, and at an absolute stellar deal.  With the outstanding price tag, we also got a lot of work.  By no means is this a true renovation, but nearly all the finishes are super dated and just rather ugly, and if it's not ugly, it's filthy.  So, I have many a projects to work on these next few weeks (or more realistically months) as I get the whole place in order and make it a little more 'us' (and a little less 80's wallpaper-fest).  Since I like putting stuff on the internet, I figured I'd share the before pictures I snapped.  They're just iPhone shots, but they provide a good sense of the work to be done.  As I get rooms completed, I'll share after pictures and I have some really fun DIYs in the works that I'll share too :)

Kitchen plans include new floors, tearing down wallpaper, painting, changing cabinet pulls, upgrading the faucet, swapping the light fixture, adding a window seat cushion and drapes, and eventually a new microwave and stove.

 The powder room is easily the most updated room in the house.  It just needs a thorough cleaning and some fresh paint.  I've got a pretty airy blue picked out.  Oh, and that cabinet door has to be fixed so it doesn't hang crooked or I might go crazy.
 It has a gas fireplace!  Yeah!
 This is the dining/living area.  There is some sneaky wallpaper you can't see, but it's coming down.  The walls are pleading for some paint, and we need to invest in a few lamps, and some drapes, but this is a pretty low maintenance area.

Doesn't green wallpaper just scream chic master bedroom?  Yeah, I don't think so either.  We've already tackled removing the wallpaper, now we just need to repair a few holes that were hiding behind it, paint, and decorate.  I have some fun headboard and drapes plans I'm excited to get underway too :) 
 WE HAVE SEASHELL SINKS.  Yet they're far less offensive than many other finishes in this house... like the wallpaper that insists on being everywhere.
 This is a different bathroom that looks exactly the same.
 Our giant basement with which we have absolutely nothing to fill it.  Eventually this will get some paint, a bed, desk, and sitting area to be a guest suite of sorts. (Who wants to visit?!)  For now it will likely have a jankety TV, yoga mat, and a few free weights.  
 The bathroom you'll get when you visit.  It's the biggest one in the house, feel special.
Hahahhaa, the backyard.  Pretty sure Sherlock would get lost/tangled if he tried doing his business there.  Thank goodness it's since been tamed and now is just awaiting sod.  There's a planter hiding back there too, so I'm really excited to plan an herb garden and some tomatoes this Spring.

Not pictured are both our offices, but those are just white rectangle rooms right now.  I have lofty plans for my office to be an office/sewing room/closet, and I'm just a litttttle excited.  It might be the first room done :)

PS- any magical recommendations for getting down wallpaper?  We used warm water and putty knives for the master bedroom and it worked like a charm, but the bathroom has this tissue-thin wallpaper that is an absolute mess coming down. 


  1. Wow, that is a lot of space. And a gas fireplace? Fantastic. I bet the basement area will be great once you get some stuff in there. Plus, that is a great guest bath. It's huge!

    Midwest Darling

  2. Can't wait to see the progress! For the wallpaper- try a steamer!

  3. I'm so excited for you! P.s. Next stop, my house 😉

  4. I'm so excited to see transformation pictures!

  5. I missed this post originally! Cannot wait to see the progress! Looks like you have a lot of great space to work with! And I'm partial to you landing this deal and staying here :)


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