faux fur

Vest // Sweater // Blouse // Pants {also seen here} // Handbag // Wedge booties {also seen here} // Watch (similar)

This is what I wore over the weekend to meet up with fellow St. Louis fashion blogger, Carylee from More Pieces of Me.  I always get a little antsy meeting new people, especially ones who "know" my online persona (what if I seem totally different in person?!).  So, of course I thoroughly over-thought my outfit, brainstormed things to talk about in case awkward silence ensued, and read the entire menu of the cafe we were lunching at so I wouldn't take too long to order.  Don't judge.  Well, I had very little cause to worry; we had plenty to chat about.  We filled an entire lunch and another four hours of shopping with conversation, and were both still gushing with things to talk about when we finally parted ways to see our likely starving husbands.  Carylee was even more stylish, charming, and sweet than her online persona (and she has the cutest freckles ever in case you were wondering).  

Obligatory mirror selfie at Nordstrom.  We're fashion bloggers, sorry not sorry ;)

Yeah for new friends!

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  1. both of you are stunning! love your bag!


  2. Love the quilted sweatshirt you're wearing!! The colors looks great on you! I'm so happy to hear you guys had such a successful meet up...it's awesome you clicked so well! yay for girl time!! :-)
    Kellie @ www.ie-style.com

  3. I love the light pink sweater with those burgundy pants! And great little boots.


  4. Sounds like a fun time! I'm the same way before I meet new people. Luckily all the bloggers I've met have been awesome! Love both your fur vest and your cute fur-baby :)

  5. So fun!! I love that you got to meet up!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  6. I love blogger shopping trips! They are the best, since we are all such enablers, haha.
    You look adorable with your pastels and fur vest, and I love your metallic bag!

  7. Looking just fabulous! #allaboutyou

  8. I love the boots! And the dog is so cute. Thanks for linking up to #Allaboutyou

  9. Aww! You noticed the freckles! Haha! I like to think that's how me and Lucy Liu are so alike :)
    You certainly didn't have to worry about things to talk about! So much fun!! <3

  10. love this outfit! and the part where you said you planned the whole thing before meeting her haha! I didn't know there was other people out there that did that besides me! :)

  11. i love how you styled your vest in this look! i may have to go grab this one for myself :)

    C's Evolution of Style


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