Chicago Weekend

Chicago is basically my favorite place ever.  There's so much to do and see, fantastic food (very important), great shopping, four seasons, and most people still have some of that Midwest hospitality.  It also helps that my best friend lives there.  So, since I didn't end up moving there (sadness) frequent visits are in order.  With gas at $2/gallon and enough free time, there was no reason not to go last minute over the weekend for my best friend's holiday party.  We of course made time for copious brunching and shopping, because brunch and shopping.

Chambray: J.Crew  //  Sweater: Target  //  Jeans: A Gold E, also available here  //  Scarf: Target  //  Booties: Dolce Vita  //  Tote: Dagne Dover c/o

We had day one brunch at Kanela's and it was so tasty.  I had the duck confit hash, because I'll just walk it off right?  (Confit is a fancy way of basically saying slow cooked in fat, but a fancy French word is far more appetizing)  Eunice had their raspberry cheesecake stuffed French toast.  I nibbled a little on that too and it was heavenly.  I may need to order off their sweet menu next time.  

We followed up brunch with shopping, and then her Christmas party.  This was just one of the many photobooth-style selfies we took.  We also made ornaments and had a white elephant gift exchange, because that's how adult parties are supposed to go, right?  (We sadly ran out of time to decorate ginger bread houses.  No seriously.)

Day two we got our early morning Zen on with herbal Tea and yoga.  Hint: I'm terrible at yoga.  I'm trying to learn though.  Maybe one day I'll be able to bend over and touch the ground.  Maybe.

Next we had day two brunch at Kingsbury Cafe.  Eunice got their eggs Benedict, which features BBQ pulled chicken (and I of course sampled...) and while it sounds a little odd, was the tastiest thing I nibbled all weekend.  I got their classic breakfast, and would go back just for a cheddar scone.  It was that good.  Have I mentioned I love brunch?  I love brunch.

More shopping ensued, and Eunice bought all of Banana Republic's plaid and gingham shirts (no really) and I scored a few J.Crew goodies.

I also got a braided leather belt, a drapey top that's not online, and a few Sephora goodies.

Finally, a really photogenic Mediterranean dinner to go, from Olive.  I ask to go there every time I visit.  Basically my favorite thing I can get for just $8.

And one more outfit from the weekend.  My trusty Frye boots proved themselves a wonderful investment yet again.  
Annnnd, that's a wrap since I have 4% battery left and my computer charger is still in Chicago.  Whoops, I guess I have to go back :)

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  1. The food porn! Dying! So glad you guys had fun! Sounds like my kind of weekend! And that Olive coat is amaze! Morepiecesofme.com


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