Casual Friday: Spring Sneaker Picks

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Sneakers have always had a special place in my shoe closet, but I've really fallen hard as of late.  The current 'athleisure' trend validates my inclination to wear them with just about any outfit.  Plus there's a sneaker for every occasion these days- metallics, fun textures, patterns, and more...  
I've already got a few of the above pairs, but I think I might need a wedge sneaker and these rose gold Keds... and maybe these too...
Added any new sneakers to your wardrobe this season?


  1. Love these! I JUST purchased some tiffany blue Nike's from Net-A-Porter this week and I love all of your choices! Awesome!


  2. Love the way tennis shoes or sneakers have become an important statement piece. Those leopard high tops are precious. Wondering if a grandma can still wear those? Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I am in need for some good sneakers. I think #1 is my fave!


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