Chicago Weekend and ChitownIGmeetup Recap

Evening post, what?!  I woke up extra early this morning to write up my Chicago recap, but my computer is apparently less a fan of morning than I am, so that failed.  So instead here I am, living up to my "midnight blogger" claim.  Maybe if I remove that from my Instagram profile, I'll go to bed earlier.  That would be nice.

Anyhow...  I went to Chicago {basically my favorite place ever} this weekend, and if I don't tell the blogosphere about it, did it really happen?!  I planned my trip around an Instagram meetup that was on Saturday, but spent the rest of my weekend with my best friend from college, Eunice, who lives there.   It was the best. (Minus the 7 hour drive home when I got caught in the worst thunderstorm ever and cried multiple times, and I'm usually as cool as a cucumber in stressful automotive situations... but let's not focus on that part of my trip.)  

I arrived Friday evening, and we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Adobo Grill, for dinner.  Really though, I'm obsessed with their guacamole, like I would be totally content if I could sustain myself on it for the rest of my life.  Seriously.  That good.  I'll dock a point from their score though because it's too dark to take good food pictures ;)

Then Saturday Morning we went to the farmer's market for fresh flowers, breakfast, and some produce.  We ended up with fresh croissants with red currant jam, and strawberry raspberry smoothies for breakfast.  I also snagged some crisp asparagus and a jar of ginger rhubarb jam, because I can't resist anything with ginger.
Jeans //  Sandals  //  Sweatshirt  //  T-shirt
After the farmer's market it was time to get ready for the Instagram meetup, and not gonna lie, I was super nervous!  Meeting people that you really only know through the internet is intimidating enough, but when all they see is your strategically staged and perfectly filtered pictures, it's so easy to freak out that you don't measure up in real life.  Not to mention that I'm definitely more of a small group person; I tend to clam up in huge gatherings, especially when I don't know anyone.  

Annie  //  Me  //  Sam
Well I worried all that for nothing, because while maybe it was a teeeeny overwhelming, it was SO fun!  I finally got to meet a ton of my instagram favorites, and the event couldn't have been planned any better!

Amy, Thuy, and Lynsie thought of everything!  Instagram cake pops and cookies?  Yes please.  And of course thanks to Megan from Purple Peridot for the goodies!
And since I didn't take enough photos, and I don't want to steal anyone's here's a further peak at everything that went down:

Then after the event, Annie joined and I met back up with Eunice, my best friend, for some scheduled shopping.  I was surprisingly well behaved, but picked up a new lip liner in 'soar' a la recommendation of Annie.  I love it.  We also hit up Zara and J.Crew.

Then Annie had to head back home, and Eunice and I wrapped the day up with dinner and a going away party for one of her co-workers.  We were out until 2:00am and I realized how old and boring I am.  I practically fell asleep on their couch.  Multiple times.

Sunday morning came right quick, and we went to Orange, one of my favorite brunch places (Kingsbury Street Cafe and The Bongo Room are also steep competition).  We started with a double order of fruishi because it's the greatest thing ever.  I got their tijuana eggs benedict (English muffin, white bean puree, pice de gallo, and chipotle hollandaise,  Omnomom.) and Eunice got one of their seasonal omlettes with spainch, carmalized onions, chicken apple sausage, and a fancy cheese I can't recall.

After brunch we stopped by a bunch of small boutiques.  Eunice got a stunning dress for an upcoming occasion from Handle with Care, and I bought a locally made canvas and leather tote from Green Heart.  Green Heart was the cutest shop, everything they sell benefits a good cause and is beautifully unique.  We also stopped by plenty of little specialty food shops, because why not?  A new chocolate shop, Cocoa + Co, opened up and it was incredible.  The owner was tremendously knowledgeable, and we learned all kinds of things about chocolate of different origins and famous pastry chefs.  And of course, we had to try a few super fancy bars of chocolate...
The store could not have been cuter.  
Eunice and I are both such suckers for pretty packaging...
From another one of my favorite sweet shops, Delightful Pastries, I picked up a few macarons (because I'm a basic blogger #sorrynotsorry) and Pâte de Fruit, basically fruit jellies.  I'm kind of obsessed with their jellies.
Jellies from Delightful Pastries, chocolate bars from Cocoa + Co, and jam from the Chicago farmer's market 
And then sadly it was time to go :(  I've decided however that I need to go to Chicago every weekend because my snapchat was so much more exciting there.  Shameless plug because I'm shameless.

On snapchat I'm roberts_jenna  and hilarious.
Definitely hilarious.

I'll leave details of the drive home out, because sads.
The end.

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  1. OMG I was so excited to read this like whoa! A) I am never hanging out with you and Annie at the same time in real life. Unless we are at a Japanese restaurant sitting campfire style on the floor. And B) holy yummy food!! Sorry your drive home was horrible. Looks like such a great trip!!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  2. what a fun meetup! It looks like such a blast!

    stop by and chat with me :) http://storybookapothecary.com


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