Friday Five

1) Flowie Style | How adorable are these?!  My friend came across this shop online this week, and I love everything on the site! It's all handmade, often with hand silk-screened fabric designed by the owner, Yaling.  You should hop over and check out all the other cute goodies, because unfortunately I can't fit them all in one blog post :)
2) Harvard Business Review released a really fascinating article proposing a different reason why there are more men in leadership than women, titled 'Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders'.  How can you not click and read that?!
3) Earlier this week, I snagged these little olive suede booties for $36, when they retailed for $119 in January this year (and I totally almost bought them at that price!)  They are super comfy and come in two other colors, plus they showed up like 36 hours after I ordered them.  Basically magic. 
4) I am SO excited for Fall recipes, like this Healthy Chicken Quinoa Curry Bowl.  I love hearty soups and stews, so when the days start getting shorter and cooler trust that they'll be on my table more often than not.  

5) I got a Fitbit!  I finally found a color I liked, and after spending almost a week with my sister who owns one, I wanted to get in on the competition.  Let's be friends {jennamarieroberts@gmail.com}.  Just don't judge how many steps I don't take please.  Today I did like 1/10th of what I was supposed to because I worked from home therefore literally went nowhere, and then before I knew it the sun went down and I didn't want to walk Sherlock in the dark...  
Happy Friday!
PS- This weekend Caryl and I are walking in a fashion show benefitting the Wildey Theatre, follow along on snapchat if you want to see our runway debut (ha!) 
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  1. Love the booties and the bags!

    How do you like your fitbit? I've had mine since May and absolutely love it. Really has helped motivate me to get moving and exercise more.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  2. I want a FitBit too! I saw the navy one the other day and was like I have got to splurge for this. I just might do it. If so, I'll add you. I didn't realize you could compete! How cool. :))

  3. Those bags are crazy cute. Fitbits are the best - I'm impatiently waiting for my new bands to come in the mail so I'll have some prettier colors for mine soon!


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