Shoesday Tuesday: Lace-up Flats for Every Budget

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I really like shoes.  Really.  When Sherlock was a puppy, he ate a nearly brand new pair of sandals, and we didn't talk for like a week.  After that, the husband was convinced I'm a little too invested in the well-being of my shoes.  Evidently he's never had a really great pair of shoes, or else he would understand.  He also doesn't understand buying five of something you love... like lace-up flats.  As illustrated by my Instagram feed, I wear a pair nearly every day.  I don't think I'm alone in my obsession either, as lace-up flats are easily the most clicked item I've linked on my blog and instagram.  I realize though, that my consistently wearing pairs that are either sold out or more than $100, isn't necessarily very helpful when looking for a 'trial pair' or a pair that won't break the bank.  So, I've rounded up a bunch of lace-up flats for every budget.  Shop on fellow shoe lovers :)

Lace-up flats under $50

Lace-up flats under $100

Splurge lace-up flats

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  1. Such a great style of flat, I really want a black pair!

    XO Chelsea http://www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com/

  2. I love all those flats they are perfect!!


  3. Can't agree more! You can never get enough of something you really like. Funny that I've actually done a round up on some lace-up flats earlier on my blog too. :P



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