Stuff I Don't Buy

Eloquent title right?  You're probably like 'HA! Don't lie, you buy all the things, you raging shopaholic, you'.  While you may be partially right, there are actually a few things that I just don't buy.  

3/4 length sleeves.  I hate 3/4 length sleeves.  I am an avid wearer of layers, and I like my layers to be the same length.  When layers are the same length I find they lay smoother and it's easier to cuff, push up sleeves, and style everything just so.  Plus when I buy long sleeved items, I just have to push up the sleeves to make them 3/4 length, can't really accomplish the reciprocal.

Cap sleeves.  WHO do cap sleeves flatter?!  I have broad shoulders to begin with, so when I wear cap sleeves my shoulders look broader and my upper arms fuller.  It's a lose-lose for me.

Dry clean only stuff, especially pants.  I can barely handle ironing things, so if an item of clothing requires I put on pants, leave the house, and pay somebody else to clean it, HA.  I have a select few special blouses that require dry cleaning and because of that I wear them about once a year.

Gold stitching on dark denim.  This is more of a matter of taste, however I feel like gold stitching makes a jean a whole lot more casual.  Obvious stitching also makes me feel like I have to coordinate it with my outfit, and I ain't got time for that.  I do have one pair (which is now 60% off!!!)  that almost violates my preference, but I deem them a medium wash, so it's okay ;)

Pompoms.  I feel like a craft store, and yeah that's enough to keep me from wearing it.

Popovers, half-button-downs, whatever you wanna call them.  While yes I own a select few of these, namely my absolute favorite flannel tunics, for the most part I don't even bother trying them on.  They don't seem to tuck as nicely, and I typically require assistance getting one off over my head.  Since I'm not 4 years old anymore, I figure I should nix things that limit my ability to dress myself...

Button downs without collars.  Again, I own a couple exceptions, but for the most part blouses with buttons and no collars are a pass.  I layer and I love collared shirts, and typically blouses like this just don't play well with others.

Hot pink.  I'm rather pink, hot pink is very pink, so together we just look pink.  It's also kinda girly and I'm not usually drawn to girly things.

Polyester shirts.  Guys, I have armpits and they like to breathe.  Polyester doesn't like to let that happen.

So now that you probably think I'm crazy for all my weird shopping hang-ups...  Anything you automatically pass on while shopping?

image via PipilaUSA


  1. First off, I almost exclusively buy 3/4 sleeves... How strange is that? I never even though about that! Also, CAP. SLEEVES. ARE. THE. WORST.

    1. Oh that's funny! I suppose down south 3/4 sleeves make more sense, but with four seasons I like my stuff to be versatile...

  2. Button downs without collars should be banned. :)

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

    1. Hahah yesss! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels this way 😂

  3. I do not like buying things that are "Dry Clean ONLY". It's getting to expensive! lol

    Happy Medley

    1. Right!!? SO expensive, plus the item is usually pricier in the first place. No thanks, I'd rather spend that money on shoes ;)

  4. Ha! I love this post. :) I actually do like 3/4-length sleeves, but that's because it's hard to find a tee with long sleeves that are long enough for my arms! I also avoid cap sleeves because of my shoulders--and halter tops, too. I don't like drawing attention to them.

  5. Right?! I'm not a fan either. Glad to hear I'm not the only one :) lol

  6. Ohhh I didn't even think of halter tops but I totally agree!


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