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Mouth.com is an 'indie' food subscription box that features novel, American made ingredients, snacks, drinks, and treats. If I'm going to subscribe to something edible, I want it to be special, not just stuff I can buy at the store and definitely not overpriced tiny portions (yes, I'm looking at you Naturebox and Graze.)  Just skimming through their subscription options and collections has my mouth watering.


I got a new phone last week, and before it even arrived I ordered my new Elago iPhone case.  I had one for my iPhone 5 and absolutely adored it. It's sleek, pretty, very durable, and under $15.  It also comes in basically every color imaginable.  I got the gray and gold one, but it's very tempting to amass a rainbow collection...


Speaking of iPhones... In Apple's latest iOS 9 operating system, Apple changed something BIG.  And by changed something, I really mean pretty much said a big nasty 'screw you' to Google.  Now, mobile app developers can create ad blocking software for the iPhone, something that has previously been off limits.  Before you pop open that app store to rid your phone of obnoxious ads though, there's a lot to think about.  Namely, just because you can get rid of those ads, is it ethical?  Is it okay to block ads and keep the publishers that provide you content from making their ad money?  Sigh.  I haven't decided.  I really hate those pesky ads that force me to watch a video, or worse open the app store without my permission while I'm just trying to browse the web.  What are your thoughts?


American Giant, maker of the best sweatshirt ever, released womens' crewneck sweatshirts earlier this week.  I missed out on their first round last winter, and have seriously been checking their website at least twice a month since then hoping that they brought the crew neck style back.  Well they finally did, and I am SO excited.  I ordered the navy and branch (an olive-y green) in size medium, because reviews and measurements indicate that they run pretty trim.  I cannot wait for them to arrive (they MIGHT get here by the end of the day, YESSS.)  Sweatshirt are one of my favorite layering staples, but they also offer sweats, t-shirts, zip-up hoodies, and more, all made in the USA with the highest quality materials and acute attention to detail and tailoring.  PS, if you click this link you'll get 15% off your first order and I'll get a bonus for sharing.  Win-win.


Lately I feel like I have been playing catchup hardcore.  With all the travel I've done, life is a crazy rush of work, blogging, laundry, unpacking, and just squeezing in as much into each day as I possibly can.  While I'm not a coffee drinker, I do like to get my caffeine boost somehow and I have taken a serious liking to Arbonne's 'Fizz sticks'.  The name may be kind of goofy, but they are SO good!  They come in two flavors (the citrus is my fav) and when added to a bottle of water make it a little fizzy, sweet, and caffeinated.  Winning.  They are also completely natural and low in sugar.  PS- yeah they're a little pricey but still cheaper than a daily coffee or soda fix and you can get a discount if you sign up to be a 'preferred customer' (that's what I am).  

And it's my blog, so I can do what I want... 


I'm such a rebel...

My college best friends are coming to visit this weekend and I am SOO excited.  We're heading out to the country house my parents renovated, so there will be lots of outdoor activities.  Plans also may include antique shopping, archery, paddle boarding, the farmers market, fresh doughnuts, staying up all night catching up, chick flicks (any recommendations of new ones?), making caramel apples, bonfires, fishing, s'mores, facials, yoga, drinking tea, mani/pedis, and homemade pizza.  

What's in store for your weekend?
Thanks for reading and happy Friday!


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