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Monday, I had the opportunity to swing by Nordstrom during my lunch to get a preview of their winter skincare event happening this weekend, January 15th and 16th at the St. Louis Galleria Location.  They pampered us with 8G green water, masks, hand and arm massages, and all kinds of luxurious products perfect for keeping you skin glowing all through the harsh winter.  This weekend they'll be providing consultations, samples, gifts with purchase, and FREE facials.  So if you're in the area, make sure to swing by!  Bonus- if you mention I sent you, you'll be entered to win an awesome goodie bag full of products and samples perfect to combat Winter skin :)

One of my resolutions this year is to be kinder to my skin, so this event couldn't have been timed more perfectly.  I have oily, breakout prone skin, and I feel like I've tried everything without improvement.  Since the results seem to be the same no matter what new regime I try, I've gotten particularly complacent this last year; going to bed with makeup, using bathroom hand soap as face wash when traveling, and other unkind practices (sorry face!)  So, the event motivated me to get back to my favorite Winter skincare regime, as well as introducing a couple products I can't wait to include in my skincare routine.  

Clarisonic skin cleansing brush

I've had one of these handy little brushes since 2009, and dedicated use provides impressive results.  It's completely waterproof, so you can just leave it in the shower, but I prefer to leave mine in the charing dock by my sink so I can use it morning and night.  I find my makeup goes on much smoother and stays better when I clean my face with my Clarisonic first.  I got excited when this was included in their recommendations, because I cannot get enough of my own!

Arcona Cranberry Toner

Toner serves the important purpose of restoring your skin's PH after cleansing.  Historically, I've used a drugstore toner, since it didn't really feel like it penetrated the skin or had much lasting impact.  Boy was I wrong.  As soon as I tried the Arcona Cranberry Toner I realized what I've been missing out on.  Not only does it provide the clean, stringent sensation I'm used to with toner, but left my skin feeling softer and refreshed.  Not to mention the scent- SO good.  Arcona was a new brand to me, but I'm sold!  It's an all natural, made in the USA line and everything smells amazing.

Chanel Eye Gel

Eye gels and creams are altogether foreign to my beauty routine, partially because I've always been apprehensive to invest in one if I ended up not liking it.  We had the chance to sample this one in-store, and bring one home with us and I'm really excited to incorporate it in my routine.  I love that it starts as a gel but quickly turns to a liquid when you rub it in.  It absorbs really easily, and in the couple opportunities I've had to use it, I'm convinced it really does the job of reducing puffiness and brightening my eye area.  The rave reviews also contribute to my optimism.

Those were my three standout products, but I loved all the other products we got to sample too, and I've linked my favorites below:

What are your Winter beauty essentials?

title image via road2beauty

I was provided a bag of goodies in exchange for attending the preview, no strings attached.  The opinions in this post are all my own.

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