Spring 2016 Trends

I don't know about you, but this warm unseasonably weather has me feeling ready for Spring!  While I'm sure there are still a few months of real Winter ahead, I get excited checking out the upcoming trends, picking which appeal to me, and finding ways to sneak them in early.  For Spring 2016 in particular, some pretty daring trends walked the runway.  While some present themselves as a sartorial challenge, others earn an enthusiastic pass.

What trends do you plan to partake in this Spring?


I know, I know stripes are nothing new.  However, bold stripes are a little more adventurous.  Bright colors and wild distribution make for a much edgier, funky take on the timeless pattern.


From florals and lace to wide leg pants and longer length blazer, there are tons of retro styles making a comeback.  Floral maxi skirts, graphic prints, and lace are all elements I’m excited to incorporate into my wardrobe.  I like that they are subtle, but still give a nod to the trend.

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Pajamas (?!)

Alright, I draw the line here.  There were many not just lingerie, but pajama-inspired looks that walked the runway.  While I appreciate the silhouette of the pants, I simply couldn’t leave the house in silk pants without feeling like a elementary school nightmare coming to fruition. (Anyone else have nightmares of showing up to school in your PJs?!  More often I had dreams of simply forgetting my shoes…)


Who doesn’t love feeling saucy?  There were plenty of flamenco-esque looks, rendered in bright colors with layers and layers of ruffles.  Whether or not the credit be to the salsa dancing emoji, as a lover of peplums I am very pleased with this trend.  Probably not an everyday look, but I love the idea of dresses with ruffles galore for a special occasion.

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