Summer Sandal Picks

Earlier this Spring, I decided I wanted a pair of cognac wedges. [Edited to add that I ended up snagging these for 40% off! obsessed!]  So on Saturday, I filled up my interweb shopping cart with dozens of options, and at the end of my sandal 'window' shopping extravaganza, I had dozens of shoes in various online shopping carts.  Upon review, I realized none of my picks were the perfect cognac wedge.  So I closed out my tabs, to revisit the quest at a later time.  

Sunday night rolled around, and because I can't just go to bed after I finish a blog post early, I ended up back online shoe browsing, only this time I found a few pairs I needed.  None of which were cognac wedges... I have been hunting for a good orange pump forever though, so this pair for 60% off was irresistible.  I also ended up with the same silhouette in the light blue speckled pattern and these because how can one pass up an Isabel Marant-inspired pair of leather sandals for under $35?!

Since that was already shoe-shopping overkill and I need to not buy anymore shoes for...awhile, I decided to round up the rest of my favorites to share today...

ONE: black flat sandals under $40! | TWO: leopard and camel heels under $70
THREE: intricate gladiator sandals | FOUR: brown wedges under $45!
SEVEN: blue lace up sandals 25% off! | EIGHT: color block leather slides under $30!

And because there were way more that just eight cute options...


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