The denim trend I swore I'd never wear

Cropped flares, *shakes head*.  When this denim variation cropped (yeah, I did that) up on the runway a few seasons ago, not gonna lie, I grimaced.  The horrible flared "pedal pushers" made a few cameos in my youth, and I swore I'd never wear them again.  They just looked so goofy in retrospect.  That being said, somehow the slight change in silhouette- mainly no more skinny knee- and the more retro styling made me a little more open to the idea.  The under $25 price point encouraged trying them out too.  

As much as I hate to admit it, I'm really digging them.  I've already worn them a handful of times, and as long as they're styled with a wedge or heel, I've been surprised by the versatility.  Another thing I've noted while styling outfits around them, is that when worn with a retro style top, it all starts to be a little too costume-y.  So rather then going retro or boho, I stuck with a pretty classic top in this outfit, and plan to follow that same rule of key in the future. 

Striped sweater [similar, additional striped sweaters]  //  Kendra Scott Lapis Carole Pendant [exact]  //  Cropped flares [exact under $25, more cropped denim options]  //  Color block block heeled sandals [exact, sizes are going quick!, less expensive option]  //  Navy leather cross body bag [exact under $60]

Outfit Details

Striped sweater [similar, additional striped sweaters]
Kendra Scott Lapis Carole Pendant [exact]
Cropped flares [exact under $25, more cropped denim options]
Color block block heeled sandals [exact, sizes are going quick!, less expensive option]
Navy leather cross body bag [exact under $60]


  1. You pull those pants off flawlessly! Work it girl! LOVE the tassels on the backs of those shoes!

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  2. I hear ya on this one! I was resistant, too. And then I tried on those exact same jeans in the darker wash and I loved them! I didn't like the lighter wash as much but then I had rewards cash to use and got the lighter ones as well. They are super cute and very comfortable, too! They look great on you!


  3. I gotta say, I'm in the same boat you were!! I'm warming up to the idea, but I probably wouldn't try it for myself.


  4. I love all the different hues of blue that you pull out with this look. I always find it entertaining when I end up loving a trend I used to hate. Perfect example was maxi dresses. I hated them at first and now I love them. Go figure.



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