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My beauty routine seems to go in phases.  I'll use the exact same thing for months, and then get bored and try a bunch of new stuff at once.  As usual, some things stick and some lose out to my tried and true favorites.  Lately, I've had a ton of successful new product trials, so I thought I'd share my favorites on the blog.

ONE: Promise Organic Nourishing Coconut Facial Towlettes with Chamomile*
These wipes smell amazing, and are great to refresh with partially through the day.  They haven't become my makeup removal workhorse, but I definitely use them multiple times a week, like when I'm running a little late in the morning or after being outside on a particularly humid afternoon to freshen up.  

8/10- I just wish it got off all my makeup

Historically, I've always just used an angled brush and powder to fill in my brows, because I was convinced it was more natural.  Now that I've made a habit of running near my office and getting ready in our locker room, I wanted a one-piece brow solution.  This product got crazy good reviews, so I gave it a whirl, and I am obsessed.  I haven't used my powder-angled brush duo since acquiring this, and I now bring it back and forth from work regularly... so I guess I need another.  It's really natural looking, but you can build it for a more dramatic brow if that's your thing.  It also lasts SO well, and I've been using it a month and haven't even had to twist it to dispense more of the product.  

10/10- obsessed

I got a sample of this formula a couple months ago in my the 'Paint it Pink' Sephora kit, and I absolutely loved it.  It's thick, long-lasting, and pigmented without being super sticky.  It also has a really fascinating shaped applicator, which I absolutely love.  It makes a really quick two-swipe application possible.  The sample I got was a lighter shade, 202, but I went with 204- an opaque peachy-brown.  If you follow me on Snap (roberts_jenna) it's what I've been wearing 75% of the time since July when I gost it.

9/10 - could hold up to eating and drinking a little better

FOUR: Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm*
This is the dreamiest cleanser ever.  It smells divine, and leaves your skin feeling SO clean.  You put it on a dry face, massage it in, and then remove it with the muslin cloth that comes with the kit.  I especially love to massage it in right before hoping in the shower, and then it feels like a mini spa treatment washing it off.  
9/10- price is a bit of a deterrent, but my tub is lasting a long time, and I will still buy it again

FIVE: Remington Curling Wand
I picked this up on a whim at Walmart before doing a few friends' hair for a wedding, and I now use it all the time.  It works perfectly to touch up my natural curls, or makes gorgeous waves from second-day straight hair (see here).  Plus it's really inexpensive.  Win-win.
10/10 - it heats up fast, works well, and the price can't be beat

SIX: Kat Von D Lock-it Creme Concealer*
I got this concealer in a kit from Influenster, and it's incredible.  It has insane coverage and blends really, really well, especially with the help of this brush.  The lasting power is impressive, and I don't find that it creases or flakes.  My only drawback is that when I wear it under my eyes, I'm convinced my contacts dry out a little faster.  That hasn't been enough of a deterrent to stop using it though, and it is absolutely magical for blemishes and evening out skin tone elsewhere on my face.
9/10 - overall it's spectacular, but the slight eye-drying knocks off a point

SEVEN: Makeup Forever Aqua XL Eyepencil in metallic bronze and white
Before this pencil, I was using an NYX gold eyeliner pencil that was like $4 at Ulta.  I used it to line my lower lashes, and it did the job... for a few hours.  It didn't glide on very well, and definitely didn't have the desired staying power.  Since it was $4 though, I just accepted the mediocrity.  Fast forward to Sephora shopping with my bestie in Chicago...  I just swiped this liner on my hand for kicks and giggles because it was a pretty color, and fell in love.  It goes on SO smooth and lasts stupendously well.  Because the bronze was so gorg, I picked up the white too.  I use white to line my tear ducts when I'm doing night-out or more dramatic makeup.  Given my willingness to snag two, at the what-feels-ridiculous-to-me eyeliner price point, it's really, really good.
10/10 - the bronze is a new makeup staple I will buy again and again.  I may rebuy the white but it's not a guarantee.  It almost stays too well, because I like to smudge the white liner on my tear duct and that can be challenging to accomplish

Eight: NKD SKN Gradual Glow Daily Tanning Moisturizer*
I wore a hot pink dress to a wedding over the weekend, and to pull it off I definitely needed a glow.  I started using this tanner early in the week, and couldn't get over the natural glow it provided.  It went on easily, didn't leave crazy blotches on my less than perfectly exfoliated elbows, and didn't have any strong fragrance.
10/10 - I'll buy this again for sure

*Products with asterisks I received free for testing, with no obligation to share on social media, I just really like them.  

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  1. Ooh, I am so makeup stupid that I really need helpful posts like this - I love that you gave each a ranking out of 10. And super excited to hear about a good tanning product that has no terrible smell! I have some bad memories...


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