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Happy Labor Day!! The weather is finally cooling off a little, and it has me vying for Fall layers and rich colors.   I don't like to shop too far ahead, but there are a few items on my wishlist that I'm eyeing already...

I've also recently scooped up a couple goodies that blew my 'budget' this month (I say 'budget' but I don't have a set figure, just a ballpark range and I know when I've over shopped...)

This suede jacket was something of an impulse buy, but the leather jacket I acquired last year was a major wardrobe staple, and I couldn't pass up the gorgeous shade of olive.  It also comes in a wine color or deeper green.  The style is selling super fast everywhere- so if you're interested, now's the time to buy; the charcoal gray and coffee color are already sold out!

The orange dress was an add-on clearance find at ASOS.  For $18 and free shipping and returns, I figured it was worth a shot.  I also got the olive t-shirt dress at ASOS, which is an item I've been searching for awhile.  I'm picky with my t-shirt dresses- I hate 3/4 sleeves- so with Fall approaching, I demand long sleeves.  I actually narrowly preferred this silhouette, but the olive color wasn't available.

I also redeemed some Old Navy rewards for the cute criss-cross front sweatshirt I've been eyeing at Athleta forever...

Speaking of forever, I've been coveting the stunning Kendra Scott 'Kaplan' statement necklace since it came out, and when I saw it for nearly $200 off and free shipping and returns, I had to at least order it and try it on with a bunch of outfits.  If it's as versatile as I hope, it will be a keeper, and I will feel insanely glamorous  every time I wear it.

Despite my above average amount of shopping the past couple weeks, there are still a few items left on my wishlist...

Olive camera crossbody | How adorable and versatile is this bag?!  A crossbody that holds a camera is hard to come by, and the price point is pretty stellar.  I'm also lovinggg the new Rebecca Minkoff Florence saddlebag- it's quite similar to the Gucci saddlebag I've been drooling over, but at a much more attainable price.  

Edgy black booties | I've been eyeing this particular style since last season, but they sold out super quickly!  They're back again, and I'm seriously considering saving up some Shopbop credits to get them.  I just wish the hardware was gold!  My dream bootie is the Chloe Susanna, but I'm pretty sure there are 1857320 more useful other things I could do with that much money.  Ha!  

Classic black loafers | The perfect loafers are another item I've been vying for a few seasons now.  These are quite the splurge, but they would last for seasons to come.  I'm thinking they may be a gift to myself upon my next promotion or raise... Alternatively there are a few really great dupes out there too, like these 40% off and under $100, or these.

New Kendra Scott pieces | There are a few (more) goodies I have my eye on at Kendra Scott currently- namely the red jasper collection *swoon*, particularly the Kimmy pendant.  After wearing the banded agate 'Rayne' nonstop, I also want the matching Brinkley bangle.  I will definitely be using my birthday 50% off discount on one of the two, I just haven't decided which.  My husband's birthday is the following month, maybe he can get me something for his month too ;)

Olive d'orsay flats | Evidently black and olive are my colors this Fall... really though I've been hunting for a pair of emerald green flats since mine were stolen years ago, but olive seems a good compromise.  I particularly love the cut of these, and have a pair of leopard d'orsay by Madewell also that I absolutely adore.

Wine leggings | I still haven't decided on an exact style- I'm not sure if I want moto detailing or not.  If Zella would just make a wine live-in legging, the decision would be made for me, but for now I'm still actively shopping the selection.  Encountered any great wine colored leggings lately?

Dark wash destructed denim | So this exact style is on sale right now and is getting rave reviews, but frankly I'm not thrilled about my current jean size and don't want to invest in a pricey pair until I shape up a little.  Ugh the dilemma.  We finally found somewhere to move, and I'll be way closer to work, so hypothetically I can spend that time working out, right? :)  Maybe later in the fall a new pair of designer jeans can be my reward when I achieve my goal.  

Phew!  That was some serious shopping chit-chat.  Thanks for hanging in there, and I'd love to hear what makes up your Fall wishlist!
And since it's Monday that means Linkup Day! (yes, totally a proper noun)
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  1. I totally understand why you couldn't pass on the suede jacket. It is fabulous! Now we just need cooler weather to start styling all of fabulous fall clothes!


  2. Oh, those are some good picks. I love all the shoes and that bag!

  3. Lovely things! Especially adore the dress 😍


  4. Ooh I love that jacket you picked up--that olive color is gorgeous. Also loving those black boots and the d'orsay flats on your list. My fall wishlist has lots of boots and olive green too!
    Shea | www.shealennon.com


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