Oops Shoes

So funny story... 

A couple weeks ago, I could not fall asleep.  I went to bed pretty early, and just sat there unable to turn my mind off or relax.  By about 3am I was still lying awake, totally over it.  I don't recall exactly when I was able to fall asleep, but sometime during that hazy almost asleep period, I impulse bought myself these sandals, and the husband a pair of jeans.

I certainly wasn't in the market for an expensive pair of sandals, so thankfully they had free shipping and free returns.  When I got the shipping confirmation, I just scratched my head... I bought what?!

But then they arrived.  And they were wonderful.  They are insanely comfortable, and I actually don't have a black casual heeled sandal, so I ended up keeping them.  Whoops 🙈  I got the husband's jeans for a crazy good deal, so that helps justify it right? 

 I mean how good is that heel though?!  I love the edgy details like the lug sole too.

Outfit Details

James Perse tee [this season's version on crazy good markdown, budget option]
Old Navy linen vest [similar]
Joe's jeans [exact]
Colorblock heel sandal [exact]
I sized down 1/2 size- normally get an 8 and the 7.5 is perfect 
$12 sunnies [exact]

No linkup today 😢 Caryl is taking the week off blogging after having to put their dog, Petie, down yesterday.  Caryl & Matt provided Petie such a great life, and I'm so sorry they have to go through this.  Keep them in your prayers and thoughts. 💔

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  1. I can see why you impulse bought these sandals. They are freaking adorable! And I just read Caryl's post. It is always so difficult to put a pet down.


  2. Wow! Those sandals are gorgeous! I love how unique they are and they look quite comfy.

  3. Love this entire look! Those sandals are amazing, love the impulse buy!

    xx, Elise


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