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pullover ($8, I have both colors & I'm obsessed) | blouse (similar) | necklace | jeans | flats | watch | bangle I | bangle II | bangle III

I remember probably 6 months ago swearing that even though light wash jeans were coming back in style I wouldn't wear them... kind of like when I pledged against camouflage, or wayyy back when said that only emo kids wore colored jeans.  I should really just stop passing judgements on trends, and accept that I will succumb to pretty much every single one.  If only I didn't like to shop so much. 

Any particular trends you've boycotted?  I am still struggling to sign on to denim or fur vests... maybe I just discriminate against vests.
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  1. Puffed Sleeves. noooo thank you! And I thought the same thing about light wash denim...and now I'm wearing them as I type this!


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