it's that time of year again!!

When I worked at Nordstrom through college, the Anniversary Sale and I had a love/hate relationship.  It meant longer hours, a messier department, and explaining what the Anniversary sale entailed over and over and over...  There were definitely perks as well though- the Anniversary Sale is prime time for catching some awesome goodies on sale that never get marked down.  I also love taking advantage of this time to splurge on a staple I normally would wait until the end of season to get on sale, such as a quality leather jacket or some luxurious boots.  A few years back I got a pair of Frye boots for myself, something I normally wouldn't have purchased.  By getting them early in the season AND on sale, I got so many more wears out of them, and I'm still excited about wearing them to this day.  Thank you Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.
Now, strictly a loyal Nordstrom shopper, the Anniversary Sale and I have a love/love relationship.  What's better than next season's fashions on sale now?!  Since I unfortunately live in a town whose mall is anchored by Target (seriously depressing) I won't get to the sale until tomorrow.  That doesn't mean I can't pick my favorites ahead of time online.  
Have you picked out anything from the Anniversary Sale?
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