Speedy Dinners: Greek Pizza

The sir in my life and I are serious about our pizza.  We have some variation of pizza at least once a week.  Sometimes when it's 95° outside though, heavy pepperoni pizza doesn't sound particularly appetizing.  Queue refreshing Greek pizza.  The creamy tzatziki, crispy veggies, juicy chicken, and salty feta play together so nicely. It's a lot like a chicken souvlaki pita in pizza form, and in my humble opinion, putting anything in pizza form makes it simply better.  What's better is that you can have all the components prepped ahead and just assemble it in a snap.  To go the extra mile, I like to marinate my chicken in some dried oregano, olive oil, and lemon juice for about 20 minutes before cooking it off, but I won't tell if you buy store bought cubed chicken :)
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