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So last weekend the Mr. and I went out to a new Mexican restaurant for dinner.  It's now our favorite, mostly because we had such a hysterical time (and their chips and salsa were outstanding, which is my criteria for returning to a Mexican restaurant).  We were seated outside, next to a table with a solo man.  About thirty minutes later a lady showed up, and they were obviously meeting for the first time.  It appeared he had a few drinks while waiting, so any tact he may have had was obliterated.  He proceeded to spend the rest of the date poking fun at her tardiness, asking why she wasn't blonde, and trying to impress her with his 'Spanish' skills.  At one point he yelled "Iota me" to the waiter, to which I cocked my head in confusion... I speak spanish, but I'm not familiar with that phrase.  Turns out he meant "ayuda me" or help me (which isn't the most polite way of getting a waiter's attention... haha).  The whole date was disastrous  and the poor woman was obviously trying to get out of it, saying she had a late lunch and maybe they should just get drinks.  She tried every excuse in the book, bless her heart.    It was almost tempting to order dessert, just to witness more of the dating madness.  Almost.  

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