This weekend I finally made it to Chicago to reunite with my best friend who I haven't seen since MAY.  WAY.TOO.LONG.  I was in such a rush to pack and get there that I didn't quite think through what went in my travel bag.  Despite my initial freak out that I had literally nothing that went together (seriously, it was a mess) I managed to piece together this ensamble, hoping the browns and golds throughout would make it look cohesive.  Generally speaking, I think when you carry consistent neutrals throughout, you can make just about any two colors work together.  Like bright blue and green for instance.  
skirt | MK by Michael Kors tee via TJ Maxx | The Limited necklace | link bracelet | bangle | bangle | watch | heels
I wanted a picture with her fabulous handbag, because it's beautiful.  Burberry Tote: Nordstrom
so fabulous.  I know I say this every time she makes an appearance, but seriously I want her hair.
Whether or not I worked out something to wear, we had such a great time together.  We could be entertained doing anything together, but eating and shopping in downtown Chicago is definitely our prime territory.  Brunch at a French bakery, dinner at Adobo Grill (where we pretty much ate our weight in guacamole, I am seriously still thinking about that guac...), and treats from Delightful Pastries all intertwined with shopping.  Yes please.  I am already scheming how this can be a monthly thing.  Or an always thing, that would work too.
And below are my shopping finds.  I'm clearly having a navy and oxblood moment- both of which I pretty much cannot get enough.
headband: Zara | watch: Kate Spade via Nordstrom Rack, also available here | See below for additional details

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?  (Or buy anything exciting this weekend? which is my book counts as doing things...)  I want to hear all about it!

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