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I definitely believe in splurging for quality, but when it comes to statement necklaces, I really cringe at a $100+ price point.  Bargains are definitely more my speed.  Some of my favorite wardrobe items have come from eBay.  My biggest issue with eBay however, is that while you can read seller reviews, it's reallllly hard to track down specific item reviews, so it's really a crap shoot if you're going to get something decent or a piece of trash, no?  I usually try to spread out my risk by purchasing from a variety of sellers, all with a 99%+ rating.  It usually pays off, but sometimes I get a total dud (like the ugliest fan fringe necklace I've ever seen....)  Below are my finds that were definitely worth the risk and the links to them!  Enjoy!  I'd love to hear about any great eBay finds you've snatched up lately :)

$11.99 Look-alike
This necklace was overall satisfactory.  It definitely lacks the delicacy of the original.  One rhinestone fell out during shipping, but nothing 30 seconds and some goop didn't solve.  As you can see from the back, some of the jewels don't fit the base, but hey nobody sees the back anyway.  Overall for $12 you can't expect any more detail or quality.  I'll give it 6/10.  Negative points for the loose rhinestone and lack of overall daintiness.
J.Crew Honey Bee Necklace look-alike for $15.99

This was definitely my favorite necklace from this batch of goodies.  It feels incredibly sturdy and MUCH nicer than it's $16 price point.  All jewels came intact and the clasp is fully functional, none of that cheap sticking business.  The colors aren't quite as vivid as the real thing, but for about 1/9 the price, there is no room for complaints.  Score: 9/10 (-1 for the slightly duller colors)
J. Crew Honeybee necklace

J. Crew Factory look-alike for $9

This eBay dupe definitely exceeded my expectations.  I have the neon green original version and they are tremendously similar.  This one feels quite sturdy and the only thing I would like to be better is the clasp. 9/10.
$8 J. Crew crystal bib look-alike
This version was also shockingly good.  I pretty much anticipated at least one missing rhinestone, since there are so many incorporate with the design.  The jewels look a smidge plastic-y, but it lays very nicely and the clasp opens and closes very smoothly.  Overall I'd rate it 7/10.
Hope this was helpful!  I'd overall recommend any of these pieces and shipping was much faster than the estimate provided. 

Fan fringe look-alike, now $12 (I paid $10 but it has since gone up...)
Edit:  I didn't initially include the $9.99 fan fringe necklace I bought, because I thought it was ridiculously huge.  Turns out they're all ridiculously huge.  Ginormous-ness aside, I liked it.  The dangly bits all hung correctly, all rhinestones were intact, and it didn't look as plastic-y as I anticipated.  It did come with a little bit of 'grime' on two of the cabochens, but nothing that I couldn't just get off with a paper towel.  The chain was quite sturdy, but the extender chain was a little dinky.  I'll give it 8/10 overall, negative points for grime and the cruddy extender chain.

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