crazy dog lady

I think I am becoming a crazy dog lady.  I went to Kohl's Saturday night to exchange something (because I'm really exciting and I go to Kohl's at 9:00pm on weekends...) and on my way to grabbing the size I needed, I saw this dog sweater and HAD to have it.  I undressed one of those hanging busts to get my size.  An employee walked by and stared.  I redressed it though, do not fear.     
embellished blouse | sweater | bangle | link bracelet
somebody's nap got cut short today #crankypants
skirt (similar) | pumps (similar)
Look who we ran into while shooting!!  Boston buddies.
Speaking of Kohls, I feel like they've been stepping up their game lately.  This adorable sweater wasn't the only thing that went home with me.... (all of which fit way cuter in real life than on these dopey mannequins)
gray and oatmeal baseball tees (on sale for $10!)


  1. Jenna,

    Loving the sweater-tulle skirt combo--super cute!



  2. Thanks for the tip on the cute Boston sweater! They were out where I live & online. But I was in another town (& state) today & they just happened to have one medium left. I had my 3 Bostons with me so they were good luck. I love how you paired the pretty shirt with it. Looks great!


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