Introducing StyleShack

I'm an avid online shopper.  I did ALL of my Christmas shopping online.  I tried to do some in a store, but I walked in, witnessed the chaos, and promptly decided I would rather buy it on Amazon Prime.  As much as I hate to admit it though, there are definite benefits of shopping in stores: trying things on, customer service, and it's just fun.  As wonderful as a website may be setup, it doesn't trump the ambiance of a charming boutique.  Queue StyleShack-- where online shopping and adorable boutiques meet.
StyleShack gives you the opportunity to shop local boutiques online and pickup in store, or order online.  Plus, they offer specific recommendations based on your personal style and sizes.  It all starts with a visual quiz, where you get your results and a cute little fashion illustration...

Then you can view your style picks, or view pieces categorized under other style archetypes.
I took the quiz a few times, because I wanted to see all the charming illustrations-- but the two that spoke to me most were 'Glam Madame' and 'Classic'.  I think a mix of the two nails my style perfectly.
Below are my picks:
bracelets | boucle tunic | embellished jeans | python embossed tote | grey sweater
What's your style archetype?

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