What I'm... Wednesday

So, I like blogging.  *Shocking* I know.  The thing with blogging though, is I feel like you're supposed to talk about yourself.  Beyond my obsession with my dog, sequins, and shopping in general, I feel like I don't actually say much about myself...  Generally however, the blogs I like reading are the blogs where I know stuff about the author, beyond the fact that they have fabulous taste in shoes. (Because well, we all know I have pretty great taste in shoes.  Kiddinggg.  Sort of.)  So, instead of posting my wednesday wishes every week, I'm posting about myself, and what I'm doing, loving, eating, excited for, etc.
What I'm using: Moroccan oil is basically magic elixir.  It transforms my coarse, untamable mane into smooth presentable hair.  Not only that, but it doesn't make my hair feel greasy or heavy.  All I need is a dime-sized portion before I blow dry my hair, and voilà presentable hair.

What I'm reading: Allegiant, by Veronica Roth, on the kindle I hijacked from the husband.  It's fantastic, I finish one book and can download the next one immediately.  And by fantastic, I also mean tremendously detrimental to my productivity.  Dishes in the sink? What? Just one more chapter....

What I'm wishing for: Sunshine.  It's been so cold and dreary and wintery.  Imagine that.  Good thing I am leaving soon for 8 days in Arizona!  WOOOO!

What I'm loving: My Herschel Supply backpack.  This is my go-to carry on piece of luggage.  It has a handy sleeve for a laptop, and somehow still has space for my whole DSLR camera bag, my gameboy (yup, I have a 1998 gameboy color and I play it on airplanes.... It's hot pink, therefore adorable, and totally socially acceptable), a large water bottle, plenty of snacks, a change of clothes, toiletries, and more.  Plus it makes me feel hip.

What I'm eating: Me and E watch a lot of food network.  The other week we were watching Restaurant Express and this chick made a bibimbap burger.  Bibimbap is a korean dish of rice topped with meat, veggies, an egg and this deliciously spicy, thick sauce.  Bibimbap is my favorite food.  So when I witnessed a bibimbap burger, I knew I had to recreate it.  If you like bibimbap, you should try bibimbap burgers.  They will blow your mind.  If you haven't tried plain ol' bibimbap, you should find a Korean restaurant ASAP.  Make sure and order the Bibimbap Dolsot-- that means you'll get it in a piping hot stone bowl, which makes the rice deliciously crunchy.  It will change your life.

What I'm working on: I have a business degree, but creative stuff is way more my cup of tea.  Just because I can do accounting, doesn't mean I enjoy it.  So when a creative opportunity comes along at the office (even when it has nothing to do with my job title) I jump at it.  I'm just diving into learning Adobe After Effects, so I can create animated marketing and support videos.  I'm pretty much a nerd, so the notion of diving into a new program to learn something new gets me really, really excited.

What are you use/read/wish/love/eat/work-ing on this lovely wednesday?


  1. I LOVE that you have a pink gameboy.

    1. Haha me too... I think I got some judgement stares... just because I'm in my 20's doesn't mean I can't enjoy a video game on an airplane...

  2. I love me some Moroccan Oil! And that satchel is super-cute!

    Fizz and Frosting

    1. Isn't it great!? I can't live without it :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I wonder who was the fabulous asian friend introduced you to the deliciousness of bibimbap? :D :D :D i love this post!

    1. YOU!!!! guh I miss your fabulous asian face <3


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